A few weeks back, in one of my conversations with some industry folks, someone in the forum said that Diwali is now become a fake holiday which since the last many years hasn’t been doing justice to movies which are releasing during this time period. Now the quality of the movie is always going to be debatable and people can have difference of opinion in that matter. But this got me thinking, is Diwali really not the big holiday we always thought it was?

Well the short answer is no and here is how. Diwali has been traditionally one of the major movie releasing holiday weekends in our industry. Its only since maybe a last 7-8 years that the makers have started to exploit other major holidays all the way. Even today if there is a big film readied for a release the first release date they look at is the Diwali weekend. Diwali is and always will be the number one choice for filmmakers and studio heads to release their movies and that is not going to change. In the past to maximize profits, movies have actually released on the Laxmi Pooja day i.e. the main Diwali day but that trend has also seen a change in the past few years ever since the importance of a massive day one has really started to matter.

This year as well, the major Diwali release THUGS OF HINDOSTAN released on the day after the Laxmi Pooja day and went on to a collect a sensational and record shattering 51 crores at the box-office on a single day. Now granted that this is an Aamir Khan release along with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan added to the fact that it is a Yash Raj Films production. Plus its directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya who last directed DHOOM 3 which went on to be an all time blockbuster. All these factors and many others would’ve amounted to the movie opening to a massive 51 crores on day one. But like many know the film actually had a bad word of mouth from the get go. So if that wasn’t the case the movie did have the potential to get to a day one total of around 55-60 crores range as well.

Staying with TOH for a bit longer, there are holidays littered throughout the next two weeks and if the movie was a tad bit better the movie could be looking to be the highest grossing Hindi movie of all time. But that is not going to be the case this time around.

But I’m certain that next year when HOUSEFULL 4 comes out it will be a major money spinner and for sure it will be able to change the perspective of many that this great Hindi film tradition of releasing on Diwali is a fruitful one.        

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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