Director: Vikram Phadnis

Starring: Prasad Oak , Mukta Barve, Aditi Govitrika, Satish Alekar, Bijay Anand, Vedashree Mahajan, Lalit Prabhakar

Story: Vikram Phadnis

Dialogue: Irawati Karnik

Hashtag Film Studios & Krtyavat Production’s SMILE PLEASE is a story of a separated couple Nandini Joshi (Mukta Barve) and Shishir Sarang (Prasad Oak). Both of them are successful in their respective profession. Nandini stays with her father (Satish Alekar), while their daughter Nupur (Vedashree Mahajan) lives with her Shishir. Everyone is happy in their lives but soon Nandini is diagnosed with early-onset dementia. As her condition deteriorates, her work and personal life suffer, arrives an unexpected source Viraj (Lalit Prabhakar).

As Viraj enter, the movie gets split into two parts. The latter half deals with his effort to understand Nandini, her situation and help her in any way he can. We have seen many variations of these ideas in the many movies in the past. Even with many similarities that we have seen in past movies, the story telling and performances works for SMILE PLEASE. The second half suffers as we expect a transformation in Nandini’s character. The change she undergoes doesn’t feel like the actual transformation.

Technically the film is good; editing by Faisal Mahadik and Imran Mahadik could have been crisp.  Cinematography by Milind Jog makes the film look rich. Music takes the film ahead without diverting audiences mind.

Satish Alekar, Mukta Barve, and Prasad Oak give brilliant performances. They play their part to perfection. Mukta Brave is the soul of the film and does an exquisite job. Prasad Oak dignifies his role very well. Lalit Prabhakar and Vedashree Mahajan are pleasant in their part.  Aditi Govitriker plays her part well. The loopholes in the film are covered by sincere performances of the actors.

The director successfully handles the chemistry between the actors. His vision is clear in the film. The film does not answer some questions but the direction lets one forget that. SMILE PLEASE is a delightful film for the performances and direction.

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