Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Sonam is known for her sense of fashion and along with it comes her easy going nature. Wearing a white shirt, frills around shoulder paired with black tight pants and enough of grace, we meet her to talk about her film Padman. A film which will connect to every girl also connected with her. Read on –

Your role is fictional, as it’s not directly connected with Padman, so did that make it easy for you to portray?

I did a film called ‘Bhag Milkha Bhaag’ where my character didn’t exist at all. And the story is inspired by the person, he’s not a Punjabi. So if we go to see then everyone is fictional and we have just taken his story as inspiration and we created into different kind of story.

Has your interest gravitated into biopics as you have been part of it lately?

It’s not only biopics. I believe I am part of a story where there is sort of change and something to know, like ‘Neerja’ and now it’s ‘Padman’. I have shot four other movies which will release soon ‘Veere Di wedding’, ‘Ek ladki ko dekha’ and there’s one more biopic which I will be doing. I do all sort of films without thinking whether it’s a biopic or not but I want a story which inspires me and I should feel proud of the story which I am part of. India has many stories and I am very inspired of where India stands. I like India as well for its culture, various languages and I am very proud to be part of this country.  The stories of Indian girls whether it be princess from Rajasthan or Delhi or anywhere, such stories inspire me.  I am a very Indian girl despite from where I live and I like women centric stories.

Do you think that the audience wants only a known face for them to go and watch such rooted stories?

I think so, because in India we have have very difficult lives, we don’t have it easy. So when you go to cinema you want joy and  when you have story which has a star then the combination is great. It’s great that Akshay Kumar is using his stardom to do such amazing films and same with Aamir khan and I don’t think there should be any stigma attached to that. So if I do ‘Neerja’ I aslo do ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’  because we need the reach and those same people will come and watch other films if they like you once.

Has ‘Neerja’ helped you further for your films?

See what I feel is that ‘Neerja’ was the most profitable film of the year and with that, the makers of the film got encouragement to do more such films. I don’t know whether it helped me but I know that it helped more such films that people can think they can put more money on such films.

When the film was narrated, were your surprised by the condition of the issue?

Yes I was , and only 12 % women have access to sanitary napkins is a dismal number. We have 1.6 billion people in India and out of that very few have access to proper menstrual hygiene. There’s very less awareness, there are no proper toilets and they are also treated like untouchables. I don’t understand this stigma of not going to temples and not touching things. I am blessed that I haven’t faced any such issue.

Did you think of doing a film on periods?

I didn’t even think about that.

What message you would give to the families as whole who will watch the film and the society at large?

At the end of the day we also need not to forget that it’s also a love story. A man was so in love with his wife that he tried to make things easy in her life. Whatever good anyone does is all because of love whether it’s work, person or anything.

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