Interview By: Devanshee Singh

We surely can’t forget the villainous performance of Sonu Sood in ‘Dabangg’ as Chhedi Singh. He has come a long way and made his distinct place in Hindi and south film industry. Now he is turning producer with ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ in which he is actingalong with Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah Bhatia. In a conversation, he shared his experiences, challenges as a producer and several other things. Read on:

“I always believe that if you have good content and if you make the product sincerely, people are definitely going to love it”

How was it doing the same thing in the movie that you do in real life – being a star?  

It was fun. I play Raj Khanna in the film who is a super star in the film industry. He is a very gentle guy. How he falls in love with girl played by Tamannaah. It’s a horror comedy. That girl is possessed by a ghost. It’s all about how the whole confusion starts and how it ends. It’s a very nicely written simple story and its blend of a Tamil and Punjabi culture. It’s horror comedy which has got an edge.

You are doing a horror comedy for the first time. Was it challenging?

I would say the challenging part was to be a producer. I am a producer of the film, so, I have to take all the creative calls. I remember after we finished the film, we recorded three big numbers, “Rail Gaddi”, title track “Tutak Tutak Tutiya” and there is another one called “Love the way you dance”. I wanted a fantabulous music. I got those Punjabi roots and connections. I met all those singers and music directors and I got some amazing music for the film. Though I do spent those sleepless nights in the studio sitting with arrangers and composers and the final results were great. I sat with the production designers and art directors for the kind of sets I wanted and costumes I wanted. Each and every minute detail was on paper. I am happy that it’s looking like the way I wanted it.

How was your experience as a producer?

All my friends used to say that I will always produce a film but I never thought of it. When I came to this city I knew that acting is the one thing that I wanted to do. I feel that producing a film is not an easy job in today’s time. It’s so tough to make and release films the way you want it. But I always believe that if you have a good content and if you make the product sincerely, definitely people are going to love it. And I have left no stone unturned to make this film look good and the kind of conviction I have in the script I hope people will like it the same way I liked it.

What inspired you to put money in this so called risky business of film production?

It happened by chance I would say. I was approached for the film just to act but when I heard the script I said I would love to produce it. It was an overnight thing that happened and I was onboard as a producer. I strongly believed all my life that if I produce a film it has to be something very different from what I have done and something which I can proudly say that I believed in the script and I made it. ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ is one film which I am really proud of and it’s on the name of my dad Shakti Sagar Productions. I wish he was there to see it. I will definitely make him proud wherever he is he will feel that under my banner my son did a good film.

You have worked with Prabhu Deva earlier as well. How has the experience and collaboration with him been till now?

We think alike and always on the same page. What he has in his head even I think the same way. I knew that when he is there we will have so many things common and we will get more good lines and good syncs and it will work for the film.

How did you manage to match steps with Prabhu Deva, the legend of dancing?

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Prabhu told me to have good rehearsals because he wanted people to also see my dancing skills in this movie. I had 8-10 days of rehearsals for the dance songs. So, all those people who had big question marks in their head that whether Sonu can dance or not, at least they will feel that he is not bad. I always know that no matter how much I rehearse I can’t be good as he is. At least I can be sincere and I can be decent enough to dance next to him.

What are your future plans as a producer?

I want to do many more films. I want to do films that convince me to spend those 8-10 months of my life on it.

Actor Sonu Sood has now turned a producer. Are there any possibilities of taking up the role of director as well?

All the people who work with me say that I will definitely direct a film one day. They all say that. I know I am an electronics engineer, so, I have learnt sound designing, I can edit movies, I operated cameras, and I have done art direction. I have done everything. Whoever work with me in any respective field they always feel surprised that how you can do it. I am not great but I am a very hard worker. I never thought that I will be a producer but it happened. I don’t know when I will direct a movie but I am sure whenever it will happen it will be overnight.

You’ll be seen with Jackie Chan in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’. Can you please tell us something about it?

I always use to feel that whenever Indian actors do films abroad, people say why Indian actors don’t get good roles in Hollywood movies. When Jackie Chan’s film came up, there were the big names that were in the news. I was wondering whether it’s the same role they are offering me or they are offering me something else. When they sent me the script and I read it so I realized my role was all over. Mostly, my scenes were with Jackie. I was happy that someone in some part of the world thought that we should cast an Indian actor. I am glad that I have completed the film and it’s coming in January. It’s a treasure hunt basically, an action comedy like Jackie Chan genre.

What are your expectations from ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’?

I am keeping my fingers crossed. We all have given our best shot and really worked hard on it. The promos and songs are looking very nice and promising. I just want people to come and watch and tell how much effort we actually put in the film. I am sure people will definitely like the product and now I can just pray to god. We hope that everything good happens.

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