This week there have been two constant news that have been on the forefront of many conversations. Number one is obviously the Salman Khan given the five year imprisonment judgement but the number two thing that had everyone talking nonstop in the trade and the industry in general is the whole PARMANU fi asco. Both the sides have given out their set of public notices and even their separate press statements have been released. That’s not all, both the parties i.e. KriArj Entertainment and John Abraham backed JA Entertainment have had a lot to say from the monies involved in the making of this movie and also the nitty-gritty’s of their individual contracts. The only thing suffering in this entire case is the movie which is up ready and up for release. There is no matter in the world that cannot be sorted by having a conversation across the table. Both the parties have to get together and sort out this situation as soon as they can because the longer this issue continues to boil, the hotter the matter is eventually going to get. Here’s hoping that better sense prevails and a common ground is found as soon as possible.

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