Next year is going to be a very important one for the Tamil and Telugu industries. Not because for any other reason but both these industries have two of the biggest movie sequels on offer which can really capture the imagination of the world just like their first installments. 

Obviously, I’m talking about the Telugu movie BAAHUBALI 2 which opens worldwide in April 2017 and then the Tamil big daddy, the sequel to ROBOT, 2.0 which opens on Diwali next year. On paper both the movies are mounted on massive budgets. Budgets Hindi movies don’t really get to play with. And let’s not forget the ‘epic’ feel to the movies which again something Hindi movies don’t have to offer. The last epic movie feel I got was probably BAJIRAO MASTANI which released last year. 

The Hindi industry is the still the biggest money spinner in the country; that goes without saying. But the actual financial muscle and the idea of pushing the envelope seems inherent in all of the Southern film industries. Take next year for example, we in the Hindi industry have a handful of mega releases lined up including two Salman Khan movies and two Shah Rukh Khan starrers. But the scale of both BAAHUBALI 2 and 2.0 isn’t even close to the Hindi ones.

In this age of digitalisation, when majority of the audiences are getting all they need to see in the palms of their hands, literally. We need to offer the audiences something extraordinary. Something out of the box. A quintessential big movie experience. Which these southern movies are going to present in ample. What we in the Hindi industry are offering right now is just the big-actor factor, but we all know it’s not going to last forever. At the same time I’m not really suggesting we go all out and make mega budget movies we anyways have a knack for pumping in ridiculous amount of money in films which don’t really need it, thanks to some filmmakers’ greed. Someone told me that 2.0 is estimated budgeted at 350 crores. That’s a lot of money for a single movie. I’m sure that it is an exaggerated amount but still if the actual amount they have spent on the movie is anywhere upwards of 250 crores it makes 2.0 the biggest budgeted movie India has ever produced, period.

On the other side, people might argue and say that Rajnikant is a big star and his movie can be mounted at that price. But what about BAAHUBALI, Prabhas and even Rana Daggubati aren’t the biggest of the stars in the Telugu industry but yet they’re on the verge of bettering their history, they created with the fi rst part of the movie. And another thing I feel is that, why can’t we mount movies like these with Salman Khan or an Aamir Khan? Why aren’t we planning, ideating, executing something so epic, so bold??? Why are we simply happy with the tried and the tested? I genuinely feel its time Hindi industry starts to get a little greedy. That’s to offer the pan India, their loyal audiences something they can’t get on their mobile devices. Trade Magazine