By- Hasti Doshi

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it”

Bollywood is a big industry where  people work together for making one single film. When a film has been made it is the team of most happy people working hand in hand to bring success to the film along with which come the rights and responsibilities. When a film is a huge success at the Bollywood everyone says it’s a team work and eventually end up with sharing credits and success with each other. But the scenario changes when it comes to a film which fails to do well and then the blame game starts. Producers and studios work parallely and few responsibilities are shared where they decide who handles the creative control and works on the creative aspects of the film and then that person is responsible to complete the task with good results. A contract is signed within them stating the creative control over each other and when producers take over the creative control it’s them who decide various aspects of a film to be presented to the audiences. While few think that this is going too technical it’s just simple that nowadays people watch films when they are attracted by the trailer of the film. Lately, there have been quite a few movies which were fully depended on their trailer where the shots are smartly cut and shown. It’s all happening to catch our eye balls.

The trailer is a glimpse to a film which can be like an advertisement to buy a product. We buy something when the advertisement makes us believe in the product, same goes with the movie trailer when it makes us believe that it will serve us with all the masala and entertainment along with the good content. It’s not only the trailer which is vital but also the smart marketing techniques which are applied to achieve the attention of the audience. “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.”  We need unique marketing brains who add up to the creativity of the producers and other people who are part of the team. When a film is out on Fridays and doesn’t do well at the box office is when the actual blame game starts. Here’s when producers blame studio for weak marketing and studios blame producers and doubt their creative control. Primarily it happens due to the trailer as the producers are happy to take over the control but when not succeed the blame goes to the studio and it also happens vice versa. In the business of film making there is no single person to blame as it is a group effort and all are part of it and work together and all are equally liable for the mistakes done. But when studios and producers play a blame game that is when things turn dirty and then it’s not fun to blame each other. The most important aspect of the cinema is people should be friendly and helpful to each other. While working on the same film it needs a happy and easy going aura which gives a positive vibes to work together, when this is missing then it misses out from the movie itself. When a trailer is good and the marketing is done well there would be lot of audience entering theatre to watch your film but what if it still doesn’t work? Who to blame for that? Then it is the weak content which didn’t prove your efforts of marketing and at last content is the king which decides the future of the film. This business needs dedication, creativity and happiness which never turns out in an environment where people attack each other to hide own mistakes.

While we talk about the blaming situation in the industry and think who will bring out the change, then it’s wrong because, in past there have been films which were expected to be huge hits but failed to do so. There have been times when big producers have accepted their failure to serve good film to audience and returned enormous losses to distributers who were part of it. A big example is set by Salman Khan films when ‘Tubelight’ didn’t earn enough at box office, the losses distributers suffered were returned by production house to them and also Red Chillies have done same during the poor response of ‘Dilwale.’  It has occurred in past and can be continued in future because all you need is acceptance and learn from mistakes. At last everyone wants to get their bonus from the film and it’s the place from where you earn. A film, weather a hit or a flop at the box office still manages to earn through various mediums available nowadays with changing trends. But behind all this drama and action the things which need to be stopped is the blame game which is just the way to hide own mistakes and create a fuss out of nothing. Come together – create stories – work together – appreciate one another, this is how things should work out together without looking for a chance to play blame game. Trade Magazine