This long in the making movie has seen its ups and downs in the recent past. The movie has not had a clear release date for the better part of this year even though the film has been compete for the longest time also. That’s not all, the filmmaker is trying to figure out how and where has he gone wrong with such a movie which has all the beats to be a clear cut commercial money spinner on paper. But like they say, one cannot achieve everything in this life. The movie in question has few major stars working in its lead but still something is amiss in the final cut of the movie which is not giving the makers the needed confidence to release the movie. Now there are some hush-hush meetings taking place which are clearly pointing at the movie to have a straight to Netflix release. It would be a first for the leading stars of the movie and also the makers. Interesting times ahead for this one, watch this space. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine