Last week we saw the release of STREE, the movie absolutely shattered the box-office on its day one and then went on to have one of the strongest first weeks at the ticket windows this year. No what really compelled me to pen this editorial is two things, one is obviously the movie doing so well and second is the perseverance of this star called Rajkummar Rao, who is also the lead of STREE.

First about the movie, a lot of the credit for the film doing so well has to go to the producer Dinesh Vijan his vision for the movie and his ability to back the film the way that he did was a testament to his determination with the movie. The second thing that worked for the movie is the horror-comedy genre itself in the recent past movies like GOLMAAL AGAIN also GO GOA GONE it’s an underrated genre in the country and STREE takes full advantage of that. The opening of the movie was good no doubt about that but the movie was also timely and well appreciated and that is why it went on to do the numbers it did in the first week. All eyes are on the fact if the movie can now get to the elusive 100 crore club which will be a massive feat for the movie and the relatively young banner like Maddock Films.

Now getting to the star of the show, i.e. Rajkummar Rao. Whatever you say about this guy doesn’t do justice to him as an actor and now a certified star in the industry. I used the word perseverance for him because it is his resolve and fortitude that has got this humble UP boy to the heights that he has achieved in such little time in his cut-throat industry. In a career spanning just eight years Rajkummar has slowly and steadily worked his way to the top of the food chain in many ways. Earlier just known to be a part of indie movies in the last couple of year he has actively upped the ante and got attached to some quality work which has got him just around the periphery of the big league. With the sensational opening of his latest STREE he has further cemented his spot in the elite and he can get to whatever he whatever he deems good for his future career. We love his work ethic and his sheer ability to pick roles which resonates with the masses now and not only limited with the class audiences only.

We wish him more power for the future and long may his reign continue in the industry.      

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine