Here is a curious case of something that read beautifully on paper but the when the end product made its way to a preview theatre all were gobsmacked. This studio green lit this quirky middle India film last year with a lot of gungho. The filmmaker had a knack for telling stories from the heartland and wanted to take a break from his serious style of storytelling and wanted to dabble in something light and frothy but with the desi touch. He got a stellar ensemble cast for the same as well and everything looked like it was going just as plan. The makers were confident as well as they thought this movie had the potential to one the biggest sleeper hits of the year whenever it came out. But as they say all that glows ain’t gold. Soon when the maker returned from the shoot and handed in the final edit of the film the studio was in for a rude shock. They didn’t know how to salvage this movie. They’ve showed the film to a many a marketing wiz-kids trying to figure what could be a great peg for the movie to revolve on but nothing seems to be working. Last we checked the studio is seriously contemplating not the release the movie and subside their losses. And on the other hand, the filmmaker has now moved on to his next and doesn’t want anything to do with the film either. Sad, but then such is the life dearies. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine