Interview By: Hasti Doshi & Drishti Pandey


“– It’s all about being passionate”

What is the impact of music on your day to day life? 

I have a different kind of format of living and working as well. The learning process shouldn’t be boring according to me or else you won’t enjoy it. I work in a very interesting way that everyone will love it and would like to learn. More of learning or working it is to have fun and that is what I apply to my daily routine. I feel very relaxed when I am practicing music and I can’t stop myself from doing that every minute. I am never tired of singing and aggression is not what helps you to work hard. So a person who is passionate is never aggressive. And I never work seriously, I work sincerely. I calculate my time according to music, like there are bars to count in a song and I count the bars and do my work within that duration. The person who is passionate has all the elements of Deewana.

How much practicing you do in a day? 

As I said learning process has to be very interesting. I do practice very effortless. If that is interesting then automatically the work hour increases, and when I think about work even that is kind of practicing for me. Action and relaxation work hand in hand and that is the best cord of life. 

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