Interview By: Sagar Desai

After 12 years Sukhwinder Singh is back with his new album “Nachunga Saari Raat”, in an interview with us at Super Cinema he talked to us about what music means to him and his thought on the music industry today &how it has changed over the years and about his upcoming album.

How has the music industry changed today?

About 90 percent music in movies today is not original score, only 3 or 4 music directors are there who are composing original score; all others are only recreating old songs. I don’t think that is wrong but the biggest problem is that they don’t give the name of the original composer in it. Today in every alternate film an old song is being recreated and is put in the movie. But the name of the original composer is not shown; if this would have happened in Hollywood they would have banned makers of the song. And here openly it is happening and no one is doing anything. I am angry because this is a big time insult of the original makers of the song. This is my statement that I would love to see the new composers name also on the screen but I should come like recreated by or remixed by. What they do is they take the original hook line of the song and make a song out of it. Now in this there is no original name of the lyricist and composer. This is wrong, that is why is always say that “The world is known for special people and special people are very few”. The special people are very less and they won’t do such things, you will never find this type of things done by Vishal Bhardwaj, A.R.Rahman, even Salim Sulaiman who once did a song of R.D.Burman ji Mehbooba o Mehbooba but they said that firstly the name of the original composer should come. Even though they took only the hook line Mehbooba o Mehbooba and made a completely different song but they still said to keep the name of the original composer first. Even Vishal Shekhar also doesn’t do such a thing.

Why is this trend working then?

Basically people are listening to old song only, people listen to it the way they had listened to the old song only, the only new thing they get is that the song has been remixed now by adding a tune of drum beat or some other instrument. So that’s why the name of the new composer should go but also the name of the original composer should go as originally composed by R.D.Burman, Laxmikanth Pyarelal or whomever it was originally composed by.  If we won’t say this then who will say, someone has to speak.

If you will get a chance to sing a recreated song will you sing?                

Yes if the opportunity comes, I might do but what I will make sure is that before me the name of the original maker and singer of the song should come.

How do you deal with competition in your field?

The reason is because I love music and I don’t have any competition in my mind. Because competition word does not exist in entertainment medium. Where there is entertainment there cannot be stubbornness.  If you think by becoming stubborn or competitive you can achieve something in entertainment field, you won’t be able to do anything. In entertainment industry only passionate people can survive and achieve. The one who is not passionate cannot make others passionate. Passionate people are not hungry for achievement. If you surround yourselves among passionate people who won’t see competition there but you will only see passion and hunger to do what they love. When you work with such people, you don’t realize whether you are performing or mediating, the environment is so relaxing. The one who is passionate in what he or she is doing, happy and there is a relaxation in his or her heart, mind, muscles and thought is an Artist.

“If you keep things simple and work with simplicity you connect immediately with the people.”

What are your thoughts on the new singers and composer that are there in the industry today?                 

There is ample amount of talent in all of them but it is the responsibility of their mentors to teach them how to be calm and to stay grounded is very important.  Your mind needs to be clam which I don’t see in many people today, about 99 percent of people are aggressive today. They want everything immediately. If you keep things simple and work with simplicity you connect immediately with the people. As I said there is a lot of talent in today’s singers and music composers, they know their work. They are good singers but I don’t know what is making them play like one day cricket but not like test cricket. If one singer delivers a hit song, he or she becomes too busy in giving statements to media, get attention wherever possible. So as they say the fruitful result of hard work pays off this line has to get changed a bit and it should be like the fruitful results of correct hard work will pay off.

You were also an Athlete, so what made you choose music over sports?

I did not choose music, music choose me. Since my childhood I was very fond of listening to music, listening to ghazal’s, sufi music and many other forms of music.  I was fortunate that since my childhood I had a habit of surrounding myself with people who were very passionate about music.

And how important as a singer it is to keep learning?

One can get bored by continuous learning, what we have to do is to make the learning process interesting. The way I made learning interesting is by listening and reading as much as I can. I listen to radio, read various articles, when I sit to do my practice I have added different types of music instruments in my practice so I don’t get bored with practice. And after every 1 or 2 months I change my pattern of practice a little bit. The learning process has to be very interesting and one should adopt it because this makes you a champion.                   

Which are your upcoming songs?

There is a song in Thugs of Hidostan, Zero and recently I have recorded two songs with Vishal Bhardwaj. Vishal Bhadwaj is just a magnificent music composer, he just thinks differently than most others. And even Ajay Atul are brilliant composers. Among the top 5 music composers that are there today, they are one of them.  And there is also a very spicy and interesting music album of mine releasing soon named “Nachunga Sari Raat”. This is after 12 years that I have made a music album; the last was “Nasha Hi Nasha” which I made 12 years ago.

How do you switch yourself from singing intense romantic tracks to sufi songs to party songs?

There is only one reason which is the person who can listen that person will also understand and the one who can understand will be able to sing it. My way of working is that I never work seriously but I work sincerely.

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