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In a candid chat with Sunil Grover, who has made a niche for himself and audiences generally expect entertainment when his name is attached to a film. Here, he speaks to us about being fortunate enough to be part of Salman Khan starrer ‘Bharat’, how comedy comes naturally to him amidst much more…

How did ‘Bharat’ happen to you?

The time ‘Bharat’ was approached to me, I was free as I had nothing to do that time and I was looking forward to something that occupies me. ‘Bharat’ came as a surprise to me, it is bigger than anything that I had ever thought of; I am really happy and I feel lucky.

The trailer has been appreciated a lot and received a great response. What’s your state of mind right now?

Yes, it feels nice because you have seen the team working so hard day and night.  The entire team has put in so much of effort to make this film and to let things so smoothly.  And when you see that your hard work is acknowledged, efforts are been appreciated and when you’re part of it, it feels really great.

Tell us something your character?
I am Bharat’s (Salman) childhood friend whose name is Vilayeti and who is with Bharat throughout his journey of life.  It’s a character who stays with Bharat in all his highs and lows and experiences of various jobs that they do together in different stages of their lives so I got to experience many things with this journey.

What do you have to say about ‘Bharat’ in terms of its content? Also, the kind of films Hindi cinema is making today.
 I think a) its very entertaining and it releases on the occasion of EID when people are happy and it’s a festive atmosphere.  ‘Bharat’ provides you the entertainment you look forward to and in addition to that; there is a lot of aspacts like songs, drama and a great story. It’s a huge film in terms of production and you get to experience the way the story is been told; from the time of partition to today’s time.  As the promo says, it’s the journey of the man and the nation together so we will live and feel that journey of the man and the nation.

How was your experience working with Salman Khan and what did you like the most about him?

 Salman khan is a superstar.  He gives you immense space to do whatever you want to do and sometimes he will suggest you a few things and they are good suggestions which you can incorporate. He is very involved because he has years of experience so he knows where to give inputs and where it’s not needed.  He is working since 30 years, it’s such a long time span, he doesn’t like breaks, and he is a workaholic. And what I love about him is the aura, the charm that he brings on-screen.  He approaches everything because he wants to do fresh things. He breaks the meter as an actor and that is what, maybe works out at the box-office for him and that’s what makes him a super star that he is.

What you have to say about Ali Abbas Zafar?

I had complete faith and belief in him and I did whatever he asked me to do because he was very clear in what he wanted to make and wants to do. I just tried to understand the script and I followed whatever he told me and whatever I was supposed to do I did.

What is that you expect at this point of time, in terms of the work you’re doing and how content are you?

I feel lucky that I am getting to experience different kinds of work and that is not a conscious decision. Hence, I say I am lucky. I am getting to experience various things and films. Earlier I did ‘Pataakha’ which was a complete different genre and now ‘Bharat’ is big commercial film.  Sometimes I ask myself – am I really part of this film? (Smiles)

Having a good sense of comic timing is one of the difficult part of acting. How methodical have you been when it comes to do comedy or it comes naturally to you?

Partially its natural, I would say its god-gifted. And rest of it I have to work on whatever I have to incorporate , to learn , keep experimenting and I love what I do and what I get to do. I enjoy my work the most and I can spend hours and hours working and I won’t get tired. I should like the project and the kind of work I am doing. I enjoy the process when I am comfortable working with people.

How much do you think comedy has evolved over the years?

The genres, the kind of styles keep changing every 10 years.  It’s a fresh change that always comes along and you survive it, is what I believe. When you keep reinventing yourself and keep doing fresh things you may have a chance to stay here for long.

People generally expect entertainment when your name is attached to a film, how does that make you feel?

It is satisfying but it does also give you a kind of responsibility. You cannot afford to disappoint the audience and so you give your best.  You put your best performance; you work hard and try to do what is required you think is and give your best.

Do you have any other plan other than acting?

I am a very bad business man so I won’t think of myself as a producer. I am happy with performing art and performing mediums and I haven’t explored myself so much. And I want to do various roles. Trade Magazine



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