Interview By: SAGAR DESAI

Sunny Deol an actor who has charmed the silver screen for over three decades now and has done almost all varieties of film, talk to us about what he still things he would like to do, about his image as an ideal hero and his upcoming movie YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA PHIR SE in a candid chat with us.

How much pressure is there on you as there are high expectations with YAMLA PAGAL DEEWANA, as the Deol’s are back?

Pressure is always there when we do any film but we don’t carry that pressure because then it would difficult to work. Definitely as our family has been a part of the industry for such a long time and we have always tried to do it with sincerity and give our best. We try to choose better subjects and that is what we have also tried this time around as well. As there are a few mistakes that happen along the way but average wise all of us have chosen subjects which have reached to the hearts of the audiences.

In the trailer we see there is a mixture of Punjabi and Gujarati, so how did that idea came?

It is a very interesting idea, as Punjabi’s are out spoken and even Gujarati’s are same, so to bring them together would be very interesting as two different cultures and their chemistry would come together and something nice will come out of it is what I thought. Even in the previous movie we went outside India, as we wanted to mix the outside world with our country’s culture.

How different is this film from the previous two films of the franchise?

Well the difference is that Bobby and I are brothers I this film, Dad is not in relation with us but is with us in other way. Characters are YAMLA PAGALA DEEWANA only but story wise it is a bit different.  

Over the years you have become very emotional, expressive which you never used to do that before, so how has this change happened?

May be because I am very vulnerable right now, because there is a lot of pressure on me right now, as there is my son’s film, this one and quite a few things are going on, so a person does becomes a bit vulnerable and also when I am with Dad and Bobby, I don’t know but I become a bit more emotional and caring.

You have done a lot of different genre films but now we are seeing you doing a lot of comedy films, so it that a conscious decision taken by you and how satisfy you feel?

Well I would only say that after GADAR which was a very successful film and after that I did not got films like that, It would have become more easier to get those type of films but it became a bit difficult. Maybe a lot of directors were not able to understand what kind of subject we should offer to him. So I think I did not have many good films to do.

So which one do you find difficult, to do GADAR type of roles or the comedy ones?

No I don’t think I find anything difficult, there is nothing difficult for an actor, as you keep on enjoying, If you find something difficult than there is more fun because than you start finding within yourself and bring out something better.

Have you ever required doing extra preparation for any of your character?

No, not as such where I have to go somewhere to learn something and I little bit of preparation is needed in anything new that you are doing but it is not as something that one has to give two three months to prepare for it, as you find a solution for it and also our cinema has not been like that were all of a sudden you have to do something very different, in our cinema we will quickly loose our weight for a character but we don’t pick the character. We will become very fit but won’t catch the character needed.  It is very important that you pick up the essence of the character, other things happens automatically.

You are known as an action hero, the image is whenever you come on screen you will break something, so have you ever tried to do something out of the box?

I mean there is nothing that when I come on screen I have to do all that kind of things, the thing is that the subject tells you to do that sort of things. It somehow that many films that I have done are mostly guys who are positive, strong and they fight till the last moment. They are not the one who gives up. So that relates always into that thing and somehow the aggression which comes out, people seems to be identifying more with that, so because of that happens. Apart from that, now there is another film of mine MOHALA ASSI that is a different type of cinema and after that BHAIYAJI will also release, so you can say that is completely out of the box as you were saying.

Do you think you’re potential as an actor has been explored completely and do you enjoy directing as much as you enjoy acting?

An actor does not know what he is finding out and till what limit he or she will reach, you get a subject and once you start doing that you progress step by step. Off late since many years I have not got anything like that which we get and we think let’s do it because I think this time the agenda has become very commercial if a movie worked in a regional that remake it and many such similar things and even the makers want to make such films because then they won’t get a buyer. So many things have changed and in that if something different comes it becomes a bit difficult. So that is something one has to wait and see and hope that something happens. And in acting and direction definitely both are poles apart, as an actor your responsibility is limited and lot of people are there to support you, as a director you yourself are responsible of everything. So obliviously direction has more responsibility but unless and until you don’t enjoy it, one won’t do it, it is very tough but I enjoy it.

Which is that one character or role that you have always wanted to do but has not come your way so far?

There are a lot of things that you would like to do but you can’t do all but I always wanted to do a period film but unfortunately that is something I have not been able to do so far.  Currently there are a lot of period films been made but no one is making it with me but may be later on I might do something myself, but not now

You have always been an ideal man and ideal hero did you ever thought of becoming a villain in movies and would you like to play a character like that?

Villain yes, unless and until I get a character where I have to be like this, then I will be like Balwant Rai like how Amrish Ji did, he also played the roles of a father, he has done that also and he did this  also, so definitely it depends whether I get such type of roles but right now I have come to a stage where if I did something like this then it will not go so well with the people also because there is a image has become so strong that even I didn’t thought that  it will become so strong and so to come out of it is a bit difficult for people to except.

Which actor you like among the young generation?

I haven’t seen many films, I don’t watch a lot of things and hence honestly I won’t be able to say something  but definitely I have always liked Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor, I have always like the way he has presented himself, his manners and everything. I think he is one very good actor.

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