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We have a chat with Suraj Singh, the producer of Marathi Movie ‘Luckee’ He tells us about  his experience producing a Marathi Movie for first time, how he came on board with Luckee and he tells us ‘If everything goes as planned he will be producing ‘Luckee 2’. . Experts:

Why did you decide to make the movie and how did you come on board for the same?

Sanjay Jadhav was directing my movie and we have been working together for last 10-11 years and so we were deciding to make something together. He approached me with some nice scripts but I was not keen on producing it. Suddenly he told me that he has one more Idea and the idea was this movie and I really liked it and that’s how we started with the movie. This movie is all done with Sanjay Jadhav’s idea, be it – Poster, Music, or anything at all. He as a director has just been extra sweet to me. Before finalising anything he has always called me and shared the things with me and then took a decision. For eg: We both came up with the idea of Bappi da and the song has already created good buzz among the audiences.

What is that you look for when it comes to backing up a movie and what is it that you look for in the script?

I have been producing content across all platforms. I am doing TV, Web series and movies.  This is my first time producing a Marathi film. I can’t even understand or speak in Marathi and I am a firm believer of “If you have right content nothing can ever go wrong”. Last year, movies did great at the box office. Movies like ‘Badhaai Ho’, ‘Stree’ have done so well because of the relatable content they carried.  This movie “Luckee” is about today’s youth and that’s why I thought of producing it as I liked the concept it carried.

What is your take on Marathi industry doing so well?

I watch Tamil-Telugu movies with subtitles because of strong content. These days language is not really a barrier it’s all about the content and in today’s time the way Marathi industry is evolving is the reason I went for Marathi movie and also because I understood the subject. This subject if set in any language the youth will understand. This movie is not just a fun-loving movie but it also has a subtle message.

As a producer what is the best feedback you received that further motivates you to do Marathi films?

Right now, to be honest I have not received any comment or feedback which motivates me to do more Marathi films but the biggest thing is the support like Jitentra Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. I am like their adopted kid and they are like my parents to me. They are like the biggest pillars and support in my life and they have said you do whatever in life we are here to support you. Jitu ji knows Marathi and also speaks in Marathi and he came for the trailer launch. I have never received a comment but everyone keeps on asking on common question -Without knowing Marathi how did you manage to produce it? To which I say It’s not rocket science; I like the content and that’s why I produce movies and it is the same with ‘Luckee’. I believe “Film making is a process that is completely about gut”. The entire math that you do before release can completely go wrong after the release but if you have the right content in hand it is definitely going to help you till the end.

How evolved do you feel as a producer and your take on small budget movies doing great at the box office?

I feel really nice as a producer. Fortunately, I have got the right team and I am a production person and that has been my background for 18 years. So, on numbers I have always been right and my team has done an excellent job. If you can make a 3-crore film look like an8-crore film I guess you have nailed it already as a producer. They like the movie, they are there; if they don’t like it, they are out of the theatre and its as simple as that.

Do you plan on making more Marathi movies?

Yes, definitely, I plan on making more Marathi movies in fact, now my life has become more about Marathi than Hindi; from morning to evening I get at least 3 calls saying Sir, will you produce a movie but it’s a Marathi movie. It’s like I have been declared as a Marathi producer. Old Friends from Marathi industry who are writers, directors, actors are calling me and asking if I’ll see the script and produce their Marathi movie.  If everything goes as planned, I’m planning to produce ‘Luckee 2’ very soon. Trade Magazine



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