Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

A T.V actor turned Bollywood star has always surprised us with his acting skills in films like ‘Kai Po Che’, ‘M.S. Dhoni’ and ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’. He is hard working and makes sure whatever he does, does it right. This time he is coming up with some periodic drama in the film ‘Raabta’ which looks very different from his other films. We can see him changing his look to show a different era and to get back to current one. We had a conversation with him regarding his new experience for the film and here is what he has to tell us. Read on…

What attracted you for this movie?

The story attracted me, because there are 8 ways to tell the story and this is one of the only ways to tell this story. This is reincarnation story where you are trying to punctuate an emotion which is not diluted at a period of time and is a true emotion. Reincarnation is something I don’t believe in and until and unless it is very engaging story I won’t do it, as I don’t believe in animals talk but I like jungle book. You know I am not Dhoni but still you pay and watch me so that realness can be seen here also; when I was reading the script it made me believe in the characters and I felt I can pull off well. I try that all the tools I have, I deliberately use it to make two drastically opposite characters in the film.

Was it difficult for you to play both different roles at a time?

I like doing what I do, when I was in school I wanted to be an engineer and I was focused on that. The same way if I am playing video game I am not worried about my assignment, hunger or anything else than playing. I don’t think I am investing money for what I like to do; instead I am getting paid so I would love to do my work fully focused with hard work. Even during MS Dhoni it was a bit difficult to do the shooting and practice in sun’s heat, but I still choose to do it. An actor should be spontaneous to do different roles at a time.

Having a short career and achieving success with films and getting bigger films like “MS Dhoni” does that set a higher expectation level for you?

I feel one who starts expecting gets disappointments. There are few things I do which help me are, I am hardworking, I invest lot of time. When a film doesn’t work like I worked hard for ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ I feel bad but next Monday I feel okay and normal again and later I got Dhoni which opened doors for me. I don’t waste my next six months thinking about it because that won’t help me. I am not obsessed to what my film should do; it doesn’t matter to me after a point when I have money. When I had no work for few months and I got few scripts from good directors I didn’t like them much so I didn’t accept it, whereas I could have accepted and earned but that’s not how I work. So expectations do matter but not considering the earnings of a film.

It would be your first film where we could see you dancing and also a good physique, so are these things needed in a commercial film?

No, not at all. I think like a dancer even when I act. Because I started dancing even before I started acting. Dancing is when I get connected to people and it’s very magical. But because of different characters I couldn’t do that and talking about a good body I have that in this film is because my flash back character is a warrior and so it was the transformation was needed.

On one hand you are very restless and on other you are very confident about yourself, so do these qualities help you?

These are two very important things you deserve and that is something totally explains everything about you.

Which character in this film you enjoyed the most and do you take back any of it?

I can’t compare two different experiences. Just like I can’t compare food and cricket which I like the most. I tell you why because first character I play I consider myself very boring and dull which I can’t and there are few times when I can’t really enjoy but it was exciting. I have played 54 characters till not from the day I started my theatre and stuff but this flashback character is something I have never done. So pulling out that character which was difficult t o make people believe in that was really exciting. So I can’t really compare both of them.

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