We get along for a chat with the master of recreated songs, Tanishk Bagchi where we talk to him about his recent movie ‘Simmba’ and about his years in the industry.

How evolved do you feel as a composer and as a person in all these years you have been in the industry?

The process is simple as I started my work 2 years back; I was trying to understand the vibe of the masses, what they want exactly. I was experimenting on a lot of things, so at the time I composed ‘Banno’ I also did ‘Bolna’ to understand the sentimental connection with the audience. I did ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’ where I exactly understood what the mass wants, then I did ‘Hamma’ and got the new age sound back. I gradually learned this process of creating songs according to the taste of the film. I have finally done ‘Simmba’ where I have maximum songs. I have 4 songs in the movie and when you listen to it you will understand my versatility of music in one film, so this year was really important for me because ‘Simmba’ is such a movie for me.

‘Aankh Maare’ was a 90’s trending song. Was it challenging and sort of stressful to maintain the standard of the song and yet give it today’s tadka?

Whenever I do a recreation it’s always a challenge because it’s a big responsibility on my shoulder as these songs are iconic songs and they are lost somewhere. Now that you have asked me about ‘Aankh Maare’ before this nobody even used to discuss the song. People knew the song but nobody discussed or played the song and if it was played it might have been played only in Bollywood retro parties. I take songs which are really good songs but nobody listens to it anymore and I like to give my style in it and it has to be what the director also wants and what will go hand in hand with the movie, it cannot be like I can put a beat in the song but it does not work like that. It needs to have an intention. When you talk about ‘Aankh Maare’ it is a situation in the movie which required a song like this. Whatever recreation I do there is always a reason behind it.

How do you manage to keep your uniqueness in the song even when you are working with multiple composers?

Fortunately, I have got many good friends where we have done a movie together. I have got 2 songs and he has got 2 songs. When we follow the captain, our director, everything falls in place on its own but when we try to forcefully add something it just works like a additional song and not something that goes with the movie well. We follow the director and whatever the director tells us he wants in the film; we make a song and later we do the final sound recording and make sure that every song in the movie somehow has connectivity. The new age composers  who are already there in the industry they themselves programme  and understand the song and understand the kind of music I’m doing and match up to it accordingly so it’s a good thing working with multiple composers.

How did you come on board with ‘Simmba’?

I have been working with Dharma a lot and I have two godfathers in the industry. One is Anand L. Rai who gave me my first break and second is Karan Johar so these are the two people I follow and I got ‘Simmba’ because of Karan Johar Sir, as he recommended my name to Rohit Shetty Sir. Then I did the title song first and they liked it and gave me another opportunity. These are the people who always will give you an opportunity and it is now that you have to live up to it and make it and I guess I did that and so I got four songs in the movie.

How was your experience making your debut in Bollywood with ‘Banno’ and with the response you received and as the industry is evolving you also have competition so how do you take it?

‘Banno’ happened because of Anand L. Rai sir and before that I was always making songs but I was not approaching people because I was not confident that whether my song will get positive response or no. I became confident when my first song ‘Banno’ became a hit, then I tried a romantic song and slowly I learned it. I did not jump into things just because one song became a hit. I have never done shows till now and the reason is that I m still learning and I still want to learn music and I want to stay for a long time and not disappear and that’s the reason it took me three whole years to learn and I have a target to take a film and compose all the songs of the film. When you talk about competition then I really don’t worry about competition because I have never participated in any competition. I feel like music is such a place where you need to have your special vibe and your special way so when I do a song I put my expression in the song. If I hear negative comments, I take it as a push towards my career and that’s the reason I’m doing so much work.

Any future projects that you are working on and would like to share tid-bits about?

I’m doing a lot of projects for the coming year which are very promising and also have many projects in the pipeline with a very big label but I can’t really name them so you will find out about it really soon; also I have composed few songs in ‘Zero’ so this year has been a blast even last year was and looking forward to make coming years a blast too.

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