We get in a chat with the king of recreations Tanishk Bagchi. It was really great to have a candid chat with this humble person. He tells us about his upcoming projects, recently released song “Khud se zyada” and to find out what more he had to say continue reading…

Within 2 Years you have become a name of the industry. How do you feel about it?

I really feel happy and fortunate that among so many people I got this huge break. My first song was from ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and things from there started working out for me. I believe in staying longer because my family is into music and I want to be myself. Even though I have done so many songs in the films this is like my debut song. This song is a rebirth of me as it is a completely independent song.

How has 2019 been for you in terms of music as you have some fabulous back to back hits.

2019 has been good because I did a lot of songs this year.  I did ‘Saki’ and some creative songs for movies like ‘Mission Mangal’. It is a collection of different genres of song.  Every year I make one song which will result in being a massive hit which is not out yet so you have to wait for it.

Do you have any passion besides music?

I was a B Boyer before and now I have started it again. I love drawing and dancing.

As you mentioned you have started b boying again so can we expect something coming out soon which includes the whole hip-pop culture?

Definitely yes! I love doing this and I’ll do something with it. In fact I’m planning to do something for ‘Kuch Se Jyada’ only so wait for it.

What inspires you to do recreation and how fun is it?

More than fun it is more thrill to me because it is more of a responsibility when you do recreation. For me recreation has a purpose; I don’t do recreation for fun. I want to connect to old age songs with new melody because they are not old they are golden. I used to feel very bad when people used to listen to western songs but not Hindi songs. Now people listen to ‘Aankh Maarey’ and also to ‘DJ Snake’.  You can say it is a huge success for us now that recreations have worked and do work.

Do you have any particular process for recreation?

There is no particular process that I follow as every song has its own process. Sometimes you have to start from scratch and I produced my songs. I start from scratch and build it up.

How was it being in front of camera? Usually you are in a studio, creating music…

Obviously when you are behind the screen you don’t have to worry about yourself as you can do anything that you want. I was very nervous when I first started shooting for my song. This was the first time I faced the camera and when you are in front of camera you fake emotions, original expression need to be maintained. Fortunately because of the support of people especially director Pooja, she supported me like a sister and told me you can do it.

How did the song materialize?

It was just destiny. VYRL approached me, I played the song for them; and as it finalized I found Zara. Everything is connected and placed properly so it’s just destiny.

How was it working with Zara?

It was amazing working with her as more than a good human she is a great artist. She is an amazing dancer and singer. I’m very thankful to her that she performed for me and I wish her luck for future.

Few words for upcoming artists…

Never lose hope, faith, believe in yourself and never have room for ego/jealousy. Be very transparent with emotions and never stop. Don’t leave anything keep on doing things and believe in yourself more than anything else. Things take time and it will work for y’all too.

What are the projects in pipeline?

There are a lot of movies coming out. ‘Sooryavanshi’, ‘Good News’, ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ and couple more are lined up. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine