Bollywood’s famous music composer Tanishk Bagchi, who is the name of the music industry and known for his music be it for recreated version or original He has given us songs like Tu cheez badi , badri ki dulhaniya, humma humma, baarish and tamma tamma, talks about his journey in music so far with us…

“I am versatile on myself and I can do any kind of music”

Within 2 years time you have become the name of the music industry and also have given us super hit songs, so how do you feel about it?

I actually feel excited about it and it’s more like a challenge to me because industry is like a well and it dries up soon; so before it dries up I want to fill more water as much as possible. So I’m ready to learn the new technique and adopt the new types of sound and melody. So it’s actually a constant process of learning and earning going on. So I feel really excited, it gives me a lot of positivity and hope.

How does the process of pitching songs to a director or producer work?

I used to do pitching earlier but now the director actually knows what kind of music I do. So they have a clear brief before they approach me.  They know the zone so now it gets easy for them and also me. Now the brief is set as it’s my genre and it becomes easier for me to work. Earlier I had to evolve myself to the producers but now the producers approach according to their need. So that’s like a good thing happening to me and I am happy about it.

Do you have a bank of music already made and kept for future need or you make instantly as per the demand?

I don’t have a lot of songs which are made and kept in the bank as such. Because what happens is the trend changes every year and now it’s become every month. A new song that releases now, it’s said to be old after a month; so I somewhat get an idea what kind of movies are going to be made.  So according to that without even the director’s demand I have plans for the song.   And when I’m approached for a song by the director – producers are looking for, it gets easier for me.

Was it anyone who you were inspired by to get into music industry or was it by choice?

Basically I wasn’t into music before, my dad and mom was into music and I was learning from them. But somehow I felt that this is the line full of struggle and income isn’t great and also has no future.  I believe it’s like a luck factor and a lot of struggle. So all this was keeping me away from the industry and also I wanted to become a pilot but I had an accident so my dream of being a pilot didn’t come true.  So the other option was to producer music because I knew nothing apart from that.  And then I started developing myself, developing the skill of producing a track even before composing; so that is what gave me a lot of support financially, and I started my career from producing for others and then finally I started producing for myself.

So is there any other passion besides music?

I was a BBOYER earlier and was into dance and stuff but I couldn’t give time to it so I stopped it.  Now I want to peruse that in future as well as relate to the dance world.

Wow! That will be a great combination though!

Laughs! Yes that will be great and that is how the feeling comes into me because I can feel the dance steps. Like in the song ‘Tamma Tamma’   I know certain ways the artist will dance so it actually works for me and is helpful.

As you spoke about ‘Tamma Tamma’ how difficult does it get to create a recreated song?

So the thing was I never wanted to remix the song earlier because remixing is for the DJ’s and making it for people to dance. It doesn’t have the soul in it; it does have the groove, for example: if you remix a sad song that song will become groovy but it won’t have that soul in it and people won’t connect to it.  So my idea of creating a recreated version is that to create the old vibe I won’t say old but the vibe back into the space which is currently happening.  So even if ‘Humma Humma’ was there at that time it is still new to us now and a lot of people in the crowd can dance to it because it wasn’t that kind of trend of dancing that time. What I did is I took the soul from there and I put beasts in it, groove in it, minimal sound and got into the clock. So now people actually dedicate the song to their girlfriends as well as we hear it in all parties so it’s serving all the purpose.

As we see there a lot of young talent in the market do you get into the competition field?

No! I never get into competition.  As a student I was good and I used to learn only enough to pass the exam and not to come first in the class.  Because my logic was if I come first I will obviously go to another standard so why act competitive. Hence since my childhood I never had this competitive emotion. Now I say Amaal is a very close friend, Mithoon is someone I look up to.  So we all compose and we all talk about it openly and also the good thing is that the industry has changed a lot, there’s no competition, no rivalry, no ego, and we all work together like a family.

Which is your favorite number from your list of songs, any particular genre you like?

I can’t define my genre specifically; there are a lot of songs that I enjoy doing.  Romantic is really chilled out like if you hear ‘Ittefaq Se’ it’s a smooth and chill song.  And if I get a chance to do a song like ‘Kar Gayi Chull’, I would love to do it. In that matter I feel I am versatile on myself and I can do any kind of music.

What’s next?

Next are a lot of songs that’s coming up and the names I can’t reveal right now as I don’t have the consent of the directors but there are a lot of movies coming up and hopefully next year I have recreation and original songs.

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