One again Karan Johar is back with launching two hot faces and one of them is Tara Sutaria. We get in chat with this stunning young lady at Dharma’s office and touch various topics in her life that include the movie, her co-stars, her learning from the film and many more. To know more about the movie form Tara continue reading…..

How was it shooting for ‘SOTY2’ as your debut film?

I’m lucky that I have been raised in the arts and performing my whole life but this a completely different world for me. It’s been everything one would think how a Dharma Launch would be. It has been completely surreal and fun; infact everyday felt like a holiday because we were shooting in Mussoorie and it was a very beautiful location. I find myself very lucky to do this.

When making a debut nobody generally prefers an ensemble cast as they have to share the screen space so was this in any way apprehensive to you?

No I don’t think that was an apprehension at all and I don’t think I would have debuted any other way nor I would’ve liked it. I think the three of us make a perfect team. I can’t think of doing anything else with anybody other than these two. This has been the best experience honestly.

Ananya and you are from the same age group and that has surely helped you guys here. So how was your experience having her on sets?

Ananya and I are completely different people in so many ways because she is so outgoing and chatty and I’m so reserved, more to myself than she is. It was so nice to actually have her around all the time. We have real sisters and we are new sisters to each other’s life in a way. She is really chilled out because when I get emotional with all the stress Ananya has always been around to help me and be there for me. We both share the same sun sign i.e. scorpio and so we understand each other very well so it’s been really good to work with someone like that.

Was it easy or tough to keep up or match with Tiger in dance and acting?

I think I find myself lucky again because he is so relaxed on sets and is comfortable with himself, his performance and of course he is a perfectionist. After being trained in dance for so long I think it really feels nice to finally find a dance partner like Tiger and I don’t think it could get any better.

You are carrying a franchise ahead. Do you feel any pressure on your shoulder as it’s your debut?

Not at all… Everyone has asked us this and I really gave it some thought but I don’t think we have any pressure especially from Dharma, Punit, Karan, ex students or anyone at all. I think the expectations are really high because the first film was what it was. Also it being Dharma, so it’s one of the most awaited films of the year so we are very fortunate to have that tag associated with the film. I don’t think there is any pressure for the film; we are just nervous and anxious because we have put in one year and it is our one year anniversary of starting the shoot for student of the year. So we have put 1½ year of hard work and I hope people recognize that and love the movie.

Do you regret not being able to have a scene or a song with the ex students of the movie ‘SOTY’?

It would have been so special for all of us to have a pleasure of doing a song or a scene or anything in the film together. But everyone is so busy doing films and everything else I don’t think we have managed to do that but of course Alia and Tiger have done this really sexy song together.

How do you feel about doing these other films, even before your debut movie releases?

Everything is so surreal for me that ‘STOY2’ has released and we have packed ‘Marjaavaan’ as we are done with the film now. I’m starting my 3rd movie in 2 weeks with Ahan Shetty and I don’t think this happens often with other people so it really makes me feel blessed and grateful. I thought one film would be huge for the year but now I have 3 movies. I’m very excited for it and looking forward to it.

“We have always been together like a family and you will definitely see that in the film that we are one big family”

How do you deal with gossips and rumours of being linked up with Sidharth Malhotra?
I think that is again something that we were prepared for especially when you are in Dharma. It’s fun and exciting as we are young and it’s cute. He is wonderful and we just finished a film together and we get along really well. He is my neighbour so we have a lot to talk about and we do have great conversations.

Karan being a filmmaker is also a great mentor for many, so did he give you some tips before launching you?

Karan was very kind. When I tested for the movie he saw it and he luckily liked what I did. He did tell me about how the industry works and how it would be to perhaps shoot with Punit and just to prep us in a very sweet way and not give overbearing feedback or information we weren’t ready for. He was really sweet and he has continued to be this guiding force in all of our lives despite being as busy as he is.

Did you guys have an interaction with previous batch of students of ‘SOTY’?

Not a deliberate meet but we do see each other at parties, events and things like that but they have always said that they are very excited for the film.

Tiger and Ananya are star kids they come with their plates served plus know many people in the industry so was there any inhibition in the initial stage while interacting with them?

I don’t think there was any inhibition because Tiger again is a lot like me, we both are very shy people; we don’t really express too many things. He and I got along well as soon as we met we started talking about things that we are both obsessed with like music, dance, Michael Jackson whatever it is. Ananya and I met on the flight and actually at this Diwali Pooja at Dharma which is very filmy and very Dharma. It was very amazing and we did this aarti together also sang ‘Om Jay Jagdish Hare’ like we see in ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ so there has never been any inhibition as such we have always been together like a family and you will definitely see that in the film that we are one big family.

Do you think there is an advantage to not come from a filmy background compared to the star kids having a baggage of their family name?

Yes, I don’t think what they have is a baggage because both ends of the spectrum are lucky in their own way and I’m very excited to be able to do this film because I don’t have a filmy background so I think it is definitely an advantage for me. I think it is something that people weren’t expecting and I think I’m excited to hopefully prove that I deserve to be where I’m today.

What is the subject you are studying in the college of ‘SOTY2’?

This is a great question so after seeing the trailer I would say – We are studying dance, music. We are looking at very cute boys for example Tiger Shroff (laughs).  This is very cool because we did things that generally no college focuses on like music, art forms, sports and everything else but everything is beautiful.

What is the best compliment that you got after the release of the trailer?

I think we got really cool introduction shots which have been used in the trailer and have read a lot of the comments online which say we have been introduced like Kajal, Kareena and many more actresses that we grew up watching so I think it’s really cool to be put into that category already before the film is out so that’s definitely a great compliment.

What has been your take away from the film?

It’s a fun and a light film so people sort of think it’s not going to be that difficult but no matter how easy or hard each scene may be but you have to continue being as real in it and each take you have to give like it’s your first take. I noticed that with Tiger so he is someone I look up to in that sense; because he gives each take like a fresh take, there is never any baggage that comes with it so I think be real and yourself in every take. Don’t fake it and listen to the other actor so that is what I have learned and is my take away from the film. Trade Magazine