Every production house/studio looks for finding a common ground between the production and the distribution to seamlessly cultivate a culture of healthy turnaround of movies on the regular. But that is not the case with this particular studio’s production and distribution teams who are finding it difficult to work flawlessly together. In the latest case of a recently released movie, the production team felt that the distribution team did not exploit the movie to its full potential and that is the reason the film under performed at the box-office. But if you ask the distribution team, they would tell you that because the film was so underwhelming overall, it didn’t work to its fullest potential at the box-office. Both the teams have been at it internally about this since the release of the movie. How we hope they find a common ground and work their differences and work in harmony together for their future projects. Sad, but then such is the life dearies! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine