Certificate: A

Story: Anwarullah Khan

Director: Rajeev Walia

Starring: Arbaaz Khan, Sunny Leone, Salil Ankola, Aarya Babbar

Screenplay: Raajeev Walia

Music: Raj Ashoo

This is a supernatural horror thriller. Four friends, three boys and a girl, plan to steal paintings of worth from their friend’s (Arbaaz Khan) house but on reaching there the paintings get real and they are transported on an island where they are killed one by one by the ghost of Arbaaz Khan’s lookalike and Arbaaz’s girlfriend Raunaq (Sunny Leone) is at her wits end to know what has happened to her boyfriend and so she seeks the help of a medium (Sudha Chandran) who makes the paintings talk and see and they get the real picture of the murders and they also seek the presence of the real Arbaaz. The film is a good technical product with good special effects.

Arbaaz Khan is first-rate in his twin roles. Sunny Leone looks good and her performance too is good. Salil Ankola, Arya Babbar, Sudha Chandran, Hanif Noyda, Richa Sharma, Bhani Singh,  lend good support. The music is good. A good supernatural thriller.



The film has opened to lukewarm response and will have an uphill task!

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