Director- Devendra Jadhav

Music-  Rohan- Rohan

This film is adapted from the B Nagi Reddy hit film of yore ‘Yehi Hai Zindagi’ starring Sanjeev Kumar.  Haribahu Waghmare (Makarand Anaspure )  is a simple dabbawaala who cries at his own fate as he is not rich and has constantly to face barbs from his loving wife ( Moushmi Tondwalkar). He envies  an industrialist Varde (Abhijeet Chavan,  Makarand in a twin role) and his beautiful wife (Smita Shevale) and is always belittling  Lord Vitthala and one fine morning Lord Vitthala ( Mahesh Manjrekar) himself appears before him and grants him his wishes to become Varde, who turns suicidal, a wrongdoing minister who gets into trouble and then Lord  Yama himself and he hates all these three roles and wants to come back as the original Haribhau and finally he is at peace with himself. Makarand Anaspure is the pivot of the film and does well. Mahesh Manjrekar shines as Lord Vitthala. Moushmi Tondwalkar, Smita Shevale, Deepak Shirke, Kamlesh Sawant, Yogesh Shirsat, Pradeep Patwardhan, Yakub Sayeed,  Sunil Godbole, Abhijeet Chavan, Kishor Chougule, lend good support. The director has done a good job. The music is okay.

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