Salman Khan is known to have a large heart and the tales of his generosity are known folklore in and around the industry. But last month when his production houses’ movie TUBELIGHT failed to light up the cinema houses around the country there was a lot of speculation as to what Salman will do especially for the grass root distributors who invested heavily on Khan’s movie, given his King Midas like touch at the movies in the last few years. But we can finally put an end to all the speculation because of our highly placed sources we can reveal that the on yesterday (Friday, 11th August) Salman Khan Films handed over, a sum of over 26 crores to its all India distributors and which is also going to be trickled down to the exhibitors as well. It is a welcome move, the movie making business is a very risky one and it is important for film producers to share some of the discomfort of the people who eventually bring their movies to the world. Salman and his generosity isn’t the talking point here, the talking point is to keep the business afloat. Movies, big movies are tanking at the box-office this year, it becomes imperative for each and every department of the industry to co-exist efficiently.

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