We often hear people in the industry say that a true test of a star is in their longevity. Last year John Abraham proved it with SATYAMEVA JAYATE and this year, Shahid Kapoor has proved it with KABIR SINGH; with both the films opening in the range of INR 19-20 crores. This has proven that people who last this long, with the right time and the right product can easily take the biggest of the openings. We as an industry now already know that content is the king, but with the right star to match it, is just the cherry on top.

While it’s an interesting fact that John and Shahid made their acting debuts in the same time period, but another thing here is that both their films, KABIR SINGH and SATYAMEVA JAYATE are mass films and have done the numbers that they have done because of the masses, who as the core buying audience have bought into the idea of the film and then eventually gone on and bought the tickets. Meaning, even in the tier two cities and places like Indore, UP and Bihar and such mass areas where the films has opened and held its own.

Coming back to KABIR SINGH and the current man of the hour, Shahid Kapoor, this film has become the highest opening film of his career yet. So many of his previous films have just played around the INR 9-10 crore mark, but with this one he has literally hit it out of the park. If that wasn’t a big enough thing, another record that this film has set is that it has become the highest ever grossing A rated film, till date.

Also, come to think of it, one more reason why the film is and probably will continue to do so well is because of the genre. It’s an unadulterated love story. Yes, we have seen a lot of romantic comedies of late but I can’t think the last time I saw a love story backed by drama. It kind of was, in fact is, a modern take on Devdas. It had all the elements in it and in the right proportions and that just did it’s magic. One of the key element here being the soundtrack of the film and KABIR SINGH got that bang on as well. It is again something which is not happening anymore. Like so many times we see either the makers have gotten the film right or either the music. Rarely have we seen these days makers getting both these right and that’s the thing that can elevate any film to just another level altogether.

Yes, romantic comedies are the in things these days, but sometimes there comes along a film like KABIR SINGH breaking the clutter, coming in like a breath of fresh air.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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