One of the biggest and most profitable movie franchises in the country is got to be the DHOOM series. The first DHOOM came out in 2004 while DHOOM 2 which released in 2006 broke all the major records of that time. In 2013 the DHOOM 3 starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra went to be to an all time blockbuster at the box-office. Now it seems Yash Raj Films is on the verge of the biggest reboot of the franchise till date. According to our highly placed sources, DHOOM 4 is going to be announced rather soon and in a massive manner. Our sources further reveal that the makers have also pitched the idea to none other than Shah Rukh Khan to star in the movie as the villain in the film which will have a brand new team of cops chasing the King Khan in this reboot. It is not clear as to who will be directing the film the last one in the DHOOM franchise was helmed by Vijay Krishna Acharya who in the past had written DHOOM and DHOOM 2 as well. If our sources are correct on this one than this is going to be the biggest movie announcement in ages and will surely make many head turns. All the other details are completely under wraps as well. Watch this space for more on this mega venture. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine