Deepika Paduokne made her long awaited debut this week in a Hollywood big action movie XXX 3. The fate of the movie isn’t known right now but the fact that an Indian actress has achieved such a feat is simply brilliant for the Hindi film community at large. 

Deepika’s contempory Priyanka Chopra is already on the high in the west with her television show QUANTICO and her first movie in Hollywood is all set to open in February this year.

 It is obvious that we would want these two movies to do good business in India. But the big win would be if these movies do great business for the market it has been made for only then would our leading ladies from the industry get more roles and meatier ones at that.

 In the past we have had many actors do films in the ‘west’ many of them tanked but most of them didn’t even get a proper release in our shores to begin with. Many others haven’t even released and those same actors have been singing praises of those unreleased ‘gems’ till date. We have to be realistic with our expectations this time around as there is a genuine chance and also a genuine change of perception these days.

 Look at the example of Irrfan Khan in the west he has done some great work abroad and he is reaping the benefi ts of the same here in India. Now he is getting the kind of budgets to make the kind of movies he wanted to make here in India. He is the right example of a career some of the other new ambitious actors need to harbor.

Coming back to XXX – THE RETURN OF THE XANDER CAGE, the movie has a different release plan as it opens in advance shows on Friday and has a full blown out release on a Saturday. The movie is going to open at par with the last Vin Diesel film in India which was FAST AND FURIOUS 7 which earned almost a 100 crore number domestically. Although XXX is not a big franchise like the FAST AND FURIOUS series it will be surely interesting to see how this one fares at the ticket windows in the country.

 XXX has to face stiff  competition from the likes of DANGAL which is in its fourth week plus the new release OK JAANU. On the other hand it has to face a big movie in the south which is already shattering records left, right and centre. Trade Magazine