Certificate: U/A

Director: Ken Scott

Starring: Dhanush, Erin Moriarty, Berenice Bejo, Barkhad Abdi

Written by: Luc Bossi, Romain Puértolas

THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF FAKIR is based on the book The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe. The films revolves around the protagonist Ajaa (Dhanush). He and his mother grow up in the slums of Worli, Mumbai, taking one day at a time. It is Aja’s mother’s lifetime dream to visit Paris to reunite with her partner. However, she dies due to age-related illness, which pushes Aja to pursue his mother’s dream.  He decides to leave India for France to try and track down a father he never knew.  But ever since he landed in France, nothing goes as he had planned. He is narrating his accounts to a few kids locked at a juvenile correctional facility. Aja falls in love with a young American woman (Erin Moriarty) having an existential crisis, wakes up in a truck full of Somalian Refugees headed for England, is held hostage in a bureaucratic war, sorts out the love life of a Movie Star (Berenice Bejo), gets shot at by a hitman in a Roman palace, travels by private jet, merchant ship and hot-air balloon, and becomes a rich man for the span of a few hours. As Aja finds himself helplessly shipped from Folkestone to Barcelona, and from Rome to Tripoli. But most importantly, does he ever find out who is father is? This is a question that can only be answered by watching the film.

Some scenes in the film do manage to make you smile, but that’s about it. Also, seeing poor kids speak in English and Aja and his mother conversing in English just seems unnatural and out of place. The idea is good but then the script and subsequently the film is just weak. Things just happen easily for the protagonist. the bollywood style song that the makers have tried to attempt is a little cringe. The film doesn’t connect with you emotionally either.

Technically, the film is decent. Cinematography by Vincent Mathias is good and he’s shot the film beautifully. Editing by Philippe Bourgueil is okay. The script as mentioned earlier was weak and some things could have been improved upon. The production design could have been better as well.

Performance wise, the film was good. Dhanush is charming as Aja and he does the job of portraying him quite exceptionally but then again, one would not expect anything less of him. Erin Moriarty was good. Berenice Bojo was decent as well. Barkhad Abdi does well and sails through with his scene. The rest of the cast offer abled support.

Director Ken Scott retains the essence of the original novel but the film doesn’t manage to look so authentic. He could have done better to make the film better.


At the box-office

The film is a non-starter.

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