I’ve personally written so many times about the issue with the censor board and their working ways. Now we have come to a place where it’s not about a particular movie but the way the censor board in India functions, period. Week in week out there is one absurd tale followed by another. The film industry and especially the censoring style of the censor board has become the butt of so many jokes, it’s not funny anymore.  This past week, two absolutely ridiculous situations came to light thanks to brilliant minds at the censor board. The first was concerning this week’s major release PHILLAURI a romantic comedy,  the makers were asked to have a long disclaimer before the start of the film stating that they do not subject to any of the superstitions shown in the film nor do they believe in ghosts. (Great insight that!). 

Besides this they were also asked to cut the audio out in a scene where the protagonist is reciting Hanuman Chalisa and it doesn’t scare away the ghost. Why you ask? Besides it not scaring away the ghost, according to the censor board, this will encourage superstitions. (Because, that’s how censorship works everywhere else in the world!). 

There is a third part to this as well. On one snake scene in the film, the censor board has further asked the makers to run a scroll through the scene saying no animals were harmed during the filming. (Because, showing a snake and smoking are two very similar things!) 

That’s not all, the other film in question is Dakxin Chhara’s SAMEER, where the makers had to cut a crucial line from the movie because three words in it are the same as the title of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio address to the nation, Mann Ki Baat! They were specifically asked to cut out those three words from the line whilst there was a swear word present in the same sentence. They said it like it’s a copyrighted phrase now. The reasons for the censors are getting ridiculous by the day. The past week it was this. We have no idea what could it be the next week and the weeks after that? A ridiculous censor decision made and hundreds of articles being written on it in the past and will be in the future but all this just seems to be falling on deaf ears. 

And in the age of social media and going viral, the Indian censor board is keeping many a web journalists at a job thanks to their sheer silliness. Trade Magazine