Superstar of all time Hrithik Roshan who has stood tall in all circumstances undeniably has nailed it! The superstar who has stayed true to his craft outdid himself in the year 2019. Within the realm of remarkable storytelling, Hrithik has only proved his versatility time and again. 2019 purely belonged to this courageous star that came out of his comfort zone with ‘Super 30’ and later shined with a film like ‘WAR’ that’s up his alley.

The actor who was launched in 2000 with ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ has witnessed his own share of ups and downs but patience and perseverance kept him going. There has been a phase of hardships and adversity in the past when his films didn’t resonate with the audience however, now he bounced back as a conqueror to claim his position.

He has set a precedent to the young generation to follow. He has picked subjects that no other superstar would dare to touch be it Super 30, Guzaarish, Kaabil to name a few. By the virtue of perfection, he likes to delve deeper with each of his characters with utmost honesty, which reflects in all his films.

Rarely, do we see a star that manages to find the relevance with each film but Hrithik who will be completing two decades in the industry in 2020 does that bit effortlessly. From picking a chancy script like Super 30 with sheer intensity that stops you from expressing your ‘typical heroism’ on screen to being this ‘larger than life’ character in WAR he has done it all.

Come to think of it, his name never gets muddled with other actors as he has created his own little universe in this competitive industry.

If this is not enough there is more in store. While he was sinking in the fathom of the triumph he managed to achieve with his films he had a complete bolt from the blue. Hrithik was also named as the Sexiest Asian Male of 2019 by a UK poll, which he utterly deserved.

Well, if on that note he is ending 2019 imagine the massive plans that he has for his fans in 2020. Let’s wait for some exciting announcements! CinemaArticlesBollywood Trade Magazine