The controversies surrounding ‘Manikarnika’ are well-known to everyone now. A few days back, Kangna Ranaut said that people of the industry are being obnoxious and ganging up against ‘Manikarnika’. She also spoke about Alia Bhatt and few others from the industry. Despite the fact that the film has its own share of credit, we wonder, if making such claims against the industry where she belongs is really right? We catch up with few industry insiders to get their views on Kangana’s statement, and controversy surrounding the film!


Whatever is happening with ‘Manikarnika’ is between her and the director and the industry has no role to play in that nor it matters to industry which movie comes and which movie goes. I don’t think industry has anything to do with it and to gang up against it, the industry has no time to do so. If the movie is not doing well the multiplex will not give you the shows but as ‘Manikarnika’ has been getting decent showcasing in the third week also then it proves the point that the movie has been successful and it is the people who make the movie successful or take it down and not the industry. It is completely in people’s hand. So she should be happy that people have loved her movie and should forget about the negativity. She is an artist and she should know how to be happy when the work is appreciated by the people.    The industry welcomes every movie, we welcomed ‘URI’ and we also welcomed ‘Manikarnika’ and industry is very happy with ‘Manikarnika’ doing well and whatever the controversies are there between the director Krish and Kangana, it is their personal matter and that does not affect our liking of the movie or audiences liking of the movie. If the movie is good the audience will definitely go and watch it. Industry is happy when a movie does well on the screen.


I don’t get involved in such controversy, this is for gossip columns and not for the film industry. I don’t support either of them and I feel all good films must be watched and acknowledged and films should be encouraged.


We need to understand one thing. It’s not about Kangana or the film industry, it’s firstly about the personality, you can’t be just messing out at everybody and at any given time for no rhyme or reason. You can’t be lashing out and fighting with everybody that is not going to help.  You may be having animosity with one, or two people but that doesn’t mean that the entire fraternity is or should be blamed. So the attitude is completely uncalled to and also on the other hand, making statements – that the film industry is not supporting her or the entertainment industry is not standing up, it’s not the right attitude and I completely contemplate this attitude.  If she had a problem with the director and decides to take the film on her own hand, it’s an unfortunate situation because producer and director are sides of the same coin, there is no ego between each other, such situations do arrive and it has happened in the past but you should settle in down immediately. It happens with big production houses, studios, and everyone has gone ahead and come up with some solution but you don’t get into a situation where you try to play a blame game with everybody. Kangana Ranaut is an accomplished actor, she has achieved a lot in a short span. I have worked with her on one film – and have produced the film ‘ No Problem’ with Anees Bazmee as a director. And she has been a very focused and hard-working human being, I have high regards for her as an actor, she has always raised the bar be it in acting, character, where the films are concerned. And Krish is a very good filmmaker, but this is a very unfortunate situation which has happened.  Sonu Sood is a gentlemen, the controversy surrounded him and the film Manikarnika is very unfortunate but you don’t need to lash out on the entire film industry and people for no reason. Because in the end you will be the person who will regret it, in the end.  Especially in the film industry it’s not about what you have made and not what you are making, it’s about what next? So your relation, equation and your decorum as a human being is primary.


All I can say is that being a woman and woman oriented film and to make it in such a huge scale and the kind of appreciation it has got, may be it might not eventually break even, but nevertheless you can’t take away the credit from Kangana whether as a director or actor or presenter. There is no two ways about her doing extremely well and it has been appreciated by one and all, especially the ladies. Even though the film has done little less than what it should have done but yet it’s commendable. It’s still running in the third week and it will run in the fourth week also, this itself reflects the popularity of the film. Whether who has directed what portion will always remain a mystery so I don’t think there’s any relevance at present. What I believe is without any hero in the film, a period film and made at a huge scale and to recover the 90% of the money is very commendable. Jai Hind woman!


Why should anyone gang up against the movie? If the movie is doing well and the director has not got his due then I’m sure, directors’ body and everybody will take it up and do what is required to sort things out. If anything happens to me as a director, then I’ll go to my association and tell them to give me justice for my work and if my association does not give me justice then I’ll look for other things. As far as Krish is concerned, no director would like to be walked over and trampled with but no one knows the actual fact so I won’t comment any further.


I believe to say anything won’t be right because according to me, Kangana doesn’t need this kind of stunt since we know she is a good actress and she has proved it again and again with time.  She has reached here without having any support but also the fact is that there are many people who have reached where they have reached without any support. And I don’t think every time you need a wrong controversy to get the attention and I guess after Sanjay Leela bhansali, it’s only Kangana who has the courage to make a period drama film and that’s commendable. I don’t see a need for this controversy because people were as it is waiting to see Kangana doing a different role. I feel maybe, the controversy affected them on the third day of release. But apart from that, I believe she knows better and what she is going through. And I don’t understand that the industry people have so much time to make her a target every time because I feel it’s everyone who makes a film, releases a film, no one really cares about it being a hit or a flop. I feel it’s between  Kangana and Krish so we shouldn’t really get into their matter.  And I can’t say much because I’m not in their shoe.


“I don’t think I’ve done anything intentionally to upset her. And if I have then, I will apologise to her on a personal level. But I’ve always said that I’ve admired her as an actor. She’s very outspoken and it takes tremendous courage to be that way and I’m not just aware of this problem or anything”‘MANIKARNIKA’.jpg‘MANIKARNIKA’-150x150.jpgsupercinemaFeaturesBollywood Trade Magazine