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Sometimes I wonder what this world of Hindi films would be without the constant coming in of genuinely talented young men and women from different parts of the country.

The bitter truth is that there are hundreds of young men and women who land at the airport, at the main railway stations and even bus stations in the hope and with dreams of making it in Hindi films but most of them end up at best being known as strugglers who end up fighting an uphill struggle to find some way of reaching their goals. But it is the few that are fortunate to make it that inspires many other young people to give up all that they have and all those who they have (their relatives and friends) and take the first available vehicle to reach Mumbai which in spite of all its scary faces and threatening realities is still known as the city of dreams.

Most of those in the limelight today in different fields of filmmaking strangely do not belong to the city where the film industry was born more than a hundred years ago. Take any of the stars, the directors, the writers, the lyricists, the composers and the technicians and above all the thousands of strugglers and you will find that they all have their roots in some remote corner of the country, whether it is a Shah Rukh Khan or a Kangana Ranaut and whether it is a singer like Sonu Nigam or a lyricist like Irshad Kamil.

Irshad Kamil was a poet even when he was a student in Chandigarh but he recently said that he always was confident that Mumbai was waiting to welcome him as a song writer who would make it big within years. And strangely it is his own confidence that brought him to Mumbai more than a decade ago and made him go through the grind before he could be recognized and his poetry be accepted as good lyrics that could make great songs for the future. And now when Irshad finds the time to look back, he can only say socha na tha.

Irshad was lucky to find people who knew the value of good lyrics and it was this luck that got him his first few major assignments as a lyricist in films like “Chameli”, “Socha Na Tha” and “Ahista Ahista”. But it was with just one film, “Jab We Met” that he met his turning point from where he has not had the time or the impulse or the inclination to look back. The times that have just gone by have been the best times and it has been Irshad (once again) for him with some of the best films like “Rockstar”, “Aashiqui 2”, “Raanjhanaa”, “Highway”, “Tamasha” and the recently released “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” giving him all the reasons to realize that he has been recognized and there can be no stopping him now as he now knows what it takes to work magic with words and emotions that go with the different situations and scenes in the growth and development of a film.

Irshad is acutely aware of doing the kind of work which appeals to his heart more than the work that attracts his purse. At a time when any creative artist in the field of Hindi films is known by the number of films he has on hand, Irshad is very satisfied with the one and only film he has on hand as a lyricist and that is Yash Raj Films’ “Sultaan”, a film in which he will have to create poetry for a Pahelwaan (Salman Khan).

Irshad is very content with his success, but any man with a creative bent of mind is never satisfied with trying his creativity in one area alone. He or she keeps looking for other areas to experiment with his creativity. And that is exactly what Irshad Kamil, the successful lyricist has been realizing in the last few months and his quest for trying out that something new that can make his creative life more exciting is all set to come to an end which could also be a new beginning for him.

The genuinely breaking news in these times when news breaks out every five minutes is that the lyricist par excellence, Irshad Kamil is all set to move ahead in life and take to the most challenging job in films, Irshad will soon be a director of his own film.

He has been working on his script for quite some time and after writing several drafts, he now has what in the industry is commonly known as “a bound script” and he means what it should really mean when one calls a script “a bound script”. He is completely satisfied with the work he has put in to cater to the ever changing times, moods and tastes of people of all generations. Irshad has just completed his first recee of locations where he would like to shoot his first film. He may have another round and then go into the most sensitive part of making a film, the casting. He has actors who he needs to make his film his way but he is also aware of how it can sometimes be difficult to find the right actors, but now that he has taken that all important decision to direct a film he knows that he will have to go through all the delicate and sometimes even dicey steps to find the actors to tell his story on screen in the best way possible, for someone like Irshad it is only the best way that matters or there is no other way.

The young man who came with all his confidence to make it as a song writer has more than achieved what he wanted and is now prepared to start with a clean slate to sketch out the future plans of writer-director Irshad Kamil.

As an admirer of Irshad Kamil who brought in new light in the field of writing songs when song writing was becoming a farce and a fake game of playing with words and feelings, I welcome Irshad the director who I am confident is confident enough to take on his new challenge and face it head on and without compromising on any front. It is men like Irshad who keep the flame of hope alive and I know there will be many who have recognized his talent will not only wish that he succeeds as a director for the future but will be a part of the new journey he has dared to venture on with a smile on his face and with the steel of determination in his heart and mind.

Swaagat hai, Irshad aur ab kuch aisa kamaal karo jiska shabdo se varnan karna mushkil ho jaaye, itna toh hamako tumpar bharosa karne ka haq toh hai

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