It is a strange phenomenon to know that at a time when the Honourable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi  is talking his lungs out about his “Make in India” campaign to make India into a dream country and yet there are all out efforts being made by all his admirers and followers trying their best to follow his ideals, the industry is growing more and more dependent on things, ideas and  places that have got nothing to contribute to make India the dream country Mr.Modi wants it to be as soon as it is possible.

There seems to be a collective move among some of our leading filmmakers to shoot some of their ambitious and adventurous films which they claim are Indian but are increasingly being shot on exotic locations in different parts of the world. In the very recent announced film by the renowned director-duo, Abbas-Mustan’s “Machine” in which Mustafa, the son of director Abbas Burmawala  is making his debut as a leading man, they have made it known that 98 percent of their film is going to be shot in the seven different cities of Georgia in Europe. Some of the thrilling car chase sequences in the film will be shot with expert drivers from Hong Kong who are known for creating mind-blowing car sequences in some of the most outstanding action films in Hollywood and in films made in the Far East.

The directors who are also the producers together with A.D Films have all their reasons planned out for them opting for a far off country like Georgia. They have the complete support of all the authorities in the country to shoot their film the way they want. In addition, the government has made an offer for a hefty subsidy and all transactions to be done through a single window which will help the filmmakers in not running around from department to department to seek all the required permissions. The makers have already done a hectic recee of the country and a post-production team has been camping in the country to prepare the grounds for the shooting of the films which is all set to start off on May 21 and is expected to complete a major part of the shooting in seventy-five days without any break. They now are very confident that they will be able to wrap up the shoot during the shooting spell in Georgia.

Besides all the other advantages of shooting in a foreign country, the makers who are known for shooting most of their romantic and action thrillers in countries like America, Scotland, Russia and are even known for flying an entire unit to Turkey to shoot just one song because they found it easier to shoot in that distant land. And the biggest advantage of shooting a film on any foreign land is that all the stars are always available whenever needed and are not required or forced to run from one shooting to another.

Another film which was recently shot in Spain was ’’Mom’’ which is a very crucial film for Sridevi and her producer-husband Boney Kapoor. A film which is supposed to be the story of a mother could have easily been the best example of a Make in India film, but the makers had ideas of having some of the most daring action scenes featuring Sridevi and Akshaye Khanna and other actions experts which could according to the makers only been shot on the locations the new director Ravi Udyavar, a specialist in making ad films till now found suitable. The makers are already back home fully satisfied with the completion of the scenes they had planned to shoot.

There are at least twenty more films which are being planned as major ventures to be shot in some of the untouched locations in various parts of the globe. Are these twenty makers planning to shoot their films abroad only because of the facilities available and because they just want to decorate their films with locations the audience has not seen?

How long will our filmmakers depend on stories and subjects which do not suit the Make in India formula? When will they realize that it is not beautiful visuals alone that can make audiences throng theatres and that it is more than high time they discovered the significance of a subject which matters more than anything in this dicey but still glamorous business of film entertainment? Trade Magazine