Rajinikanth who is currently in his late 60s, became a superstar in early 90s and since then till today, for almost three decades, this man has been the focal point for not only South cinema but also pan India superstardom, which rarely people have seen in this country of 1.2 billion people. He still constantly makes and breaks records and is one the most prominent names in terms of whatever he achieves and whatever he wants to achieve, he gets to achieve that.

This year he has his much awaited release in 2.0, it is a massive film and has opened to a bumper response. This is the second highest opening for a film in India, ever. The highest opening is obviously BAAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION, which had a lot of stuff going for itself. But having said that, it is a different situation for this film. A lot of the credit has to be falling on the doorstep of Rajinikanth’s stardom that warrants such a response from the audiences pan India. It is a big film and it has opened big and it will continue to do so, even on the second day it has gotten upto a good number; it has a weekend to look forward to now and by the trends that it is showing right now, the movie has all the potential to reach a very big box office total, which is phenomenal.

This opening that it has achieved has come on a non-holiday weekend the same as BAAHUBALI 2. Also to mention, in our Bollywood industry, it is great to see a superstar like Akshay Kumar taking the risk and putting himself out there, and this guy, if there is an X factor to the role, he jumps to that. He doesn’t care if he is the bad guy or he is the villain, he goes behind the character if he feels that the movie can, with his help, make a big splash at the box office, he is all up for it and he has proven this time again with this film 2.0.

Nonetheless, we are blessed to see Rajinikanth do his thing at this age and continue to do it. He still has more 2-3 movies lined up, he is still working hard. It’s great for all the fans in India and also all over the world to appreciate an actor like this and given the right script and right mounting, sky is the limit, like he has proven in this case again with 2.0. Sometimes, Rajinikanth makes you feel like it is his world and we are all just living in it.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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