The movie Rally is about a boy Kamlapati Dogra (Mirza)who is crazy to participate in the Himalayan Rally since his young age. As he grows older his obsession for Rally participation also grows by many folds and gets so intense that he can go to any extent to make it in the Rally Competition. But the hurdle he has is that he doesn’t have a Rally Car, and in order to participate in a rally he needs to have one. And then the girl Bubble (Arshin) comes in his life and he fools her with his loving words for she owns a Rally Jeep and she lets him drive it and participate in the Rally. And then his obsession pays and he wins the race, but he becomes arrogant and doesn’t care for his friends or his lady love Bubble. So he is left all alone to fend for himself. The film has been well directed and such a car race has been only seen in films like Feroz Khan’s Apradh or Baazigar, or Race franchise. The film has been shot on picturesque locales and is easy on the eyes. Mirza is a talented actor but is a bit stylized. Arshin Mehta is natural and acts well. The rest of the cast is adequate. The music by Viju Shah is tuneful. Overall a low budget fare.

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