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Though for some people 2019 may seem like an ominous year and mamy of them may have had a bad start to the year but that’s not the case with Bollywood. Just in it’s second week of 2019, Bollywood saw a film cross the 100cr mark. That film being URI THE SURGICAL STRIKE. The movie is still goimg strong and doing so well.

My point here being, films aren’t just going to work now in your favour just because you are a star. Those days seem long gone now. Films are now only going to work if people come out and see the films. URI has become a prime example of the same now. The reason being, the film has just worked now on the basis of it’s trailer. It was one trailer, one unit, a couple of snippets cut from the trailer cut downs which were used for the promotion of the film. There were a few songs in the film obviously, but the songs weren’t heavily promoted. The idea was to let people sync in with the feeling of a war film which is based on a true incident and which is very relevant in people’s mind and pysche, even today. That’s precisely the reason why a film like URI worked so well.

No doubt that the acting callibre of Vicky Kaushal shined through this film, no doubt that the direction was very good, or even the cinematography. But at at the end of the day it was the story that connected with the Pan India audience.

This is the first 100cr film this year which has released on a non holiday weekend. It didn’t even need such a holiday weekend or an extended weekend to really boost the numbers. It was a film that worked hecause it connected to the audience on a Pan India level. That’s the kind of films people should be aspiring to make. Obviously we are going to have big blockbusters with big stars and big setups. Those kind of films are always going to be there where people look forward to such films and earmark them.

The point is that films like URI or last year’s STREE or BADHAAI HO, these kind of films are going to be much more important in facing the new bollywood that we will now see. I feel that this is such a great trend that overall every year we used to have one – two films which used to do something of the extra ordinary but now that’s not the case.

Every film this year, or even last yeae as a matter of fact, have worked primarily because they have driven a story idea which was universal, which works  Pan India. I won’t be surprised if in the future, right now all these smaller smaller films are doing 100crs, 120 crs, 140crs and so on, but most of these films are going to be able to break that 200 cr barrier easily. That is when the game will change and there are a lot of smaller films like that, that are coming up in this year. So this is a great start to the year.

This was the first holiday weekend of the year now where we saw MANIKARNIKA and THACKERAY releasing. So these kind of films are separate. I’m more curious to see how this trend is going to be more of a mainstream now, rather than just being a flash in the pan, which was the case in the last so many years with films which were coming and surprising the audiences and the trade and then just going and doing their own thing. Now these kind of films really have a market of potential to really push for something great and this is what we have seen this year and it will work, I feel.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine



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