Certificate: U

Director: Abhishek Sharma

Starring: Sonam Kapoor, Dulquer Salmaan, Sanjay Kapoor, SikanderKher, AngadBedi

Written by: Pradhuman Singh, Neha Sharma, Anuja Chauhan

THE ZOYA FACTOR is the adaptation of a novel, written by Anuja Chauhan, of the same name. The film starts with Zoya Solanki (Sonam Kapoor) being born on the day when India won the cricket world cup in 1983, and because of this her father and a big cricket fan Vijayandra Singh Solanki (Sanjay Kapoor) calls her a gift from cricketing Gods and ever since then, considers her extremely lucky for cricket team. While growing up she does prove to be a lucky charm for her father and her brother Zorawar (Sikandar Kher). But now that she’s grown up and while she’s still lucky for cricket, she considers her own life really unlucky as she has a bad love life and even worse work life. She works as junior copywriter at an ad agency called AWB. Things change for her when her boss Monita (KoelPurie)sends Zoya on ad campaign comprising of the Indian cricket team in Sri Lanka, where she befriends the captain of the Indian cricket team Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan). This is around the time when the players have lost a lot of matches. One morning, by chance, Nikhil invites Zoya to their table for breakfast and it is where Zoya reveals that she is extremely lucky for cricket and all she has to do is have breakfast with the team before the game. On that day, India miraculously wins the match. The already superstitious players, exception being the Captain Nikhil, realise that she is indeed a lucky charm. Nikhil believes everything comes down to hard work and perseverance but everyone else seem to think it is all because of luck that Zoya brings in and he tries to get rid of Zoya because he doesn’t want the team to slack off in training or even bring down their morale. While all this is happening, Robin (Angad Bedi) who is also in the team and is Nikhil’s rival wants his captaincy back from Nikhil and is plotting against him along with his uncle Jogpal Lohia, who also is the president of the Indian cricket board. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

THE ZOYA FACTOR which is based on a novel has an interesting premise. The film explores the world that is truly fictional but a few things just seem unbelievable. Barring how the country feels about the cricket, everything in the film just seems a little unrealistic, the characters especially (except the leads). There’s nothing wrong with doing this except for the fact that there is less relatability to the characters for the audiences. The film has a few scenes that truly crack you up and some just truly make you smile. While the film is getting to the climax, a lot seems to have happened too soon, yet the film feels longer than it should have been. From being a nobody/loser to being LITERALY worshipped by the whole country, the film runs quickly. The chemistry between the lead pair is great but the story between them doesn’t seem exciting. The climax also disappoints.

Technically, the film is decent. Cinematography by Manoj Lobo is good and he does well, especially in the cricket match sequences, although a lot of it seems VFX based. The editing is decent and it could have been better in a few scenes. The VFX was great in some places and in some equally poor. The costume design and the production design was quite nice. The writing is not quite satisfactory, could have been better, but then again in a few scenes it’s really good and sometimes, it just falters; it’s a mixed bag. The music works in the film, otherwise no song is of the chartbuster variety, except for maybe The Pepsi Song, which plays at the end credits.

The performances from the actors helps keep this one cross the boundary. Dulquer Salmaan is superb and gets his act right. He is convincing as Nikhil and puts up a commendable performance. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is great and does full justice to her role. It feels like the role was tailor made for her and she doesn’t put a foot wrong. Angad Bedi is good as the antagonist. Sanjay Kapoor is just natural in the film. Sikander Kher stands out with his performance. The rest of the cast offer great support.

Director Abhishek Sharma manages to make a decent show of a film that has an interesting premise but is not written as well. His treatment of the film is really great but he could have handled the climax in a better way.


At the box-office

The film has taken a shockingly slow start and will find going really tough at the ticket windows nationwide.

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