Produced By: Abhishek Sharma

Directed By: Fox Star Studios, Pooja Shetty, Aarrti Shetty

Starring: Sonam Kapoor, Dulquer Salmaan


20 Crores

Estimated Budget


2.30 Crores

Our Opening Day Prediction

‘The Zoya Factor’ is based on the novel of same name by Anuja Chauhan. The story of the movie revolves around a girl named Zoya Solanki. It is more about the superstitious side of the society and how people use it and one of the elements used as an example in the movie is Zoya Solanki. The movie is directed by Abhishek Sharma. Here are some factors we believe will work in its favour.


The storyline of the movie is sweet and simple to completely relatable as most of us live in a society that is a firm believer of all the superstitions out there. The story is about Zoya; a sweet girl and a regular Indian girl who keeps on facing uncountable ups and downs in her life. She feels like she is not made for the place and nothing ever goes right for her whereas her loving father believes she is the luckiest as India won historic cricket world cup in 1983 as she was born on that day. One fine day she meets the cricket team through her job as she is a part of an advertising agency. Later, she is declared lucky for the Indian cricket team as they witness victory and is believed it to be because of her presence. Dulquer Salmaan is seen as the captain of the cricket team and as they start interacting more often they seem to fall in love with each other as time passes by. Dalquer and Sonam’s character even though in love face ups and downs. They even start questioning why they are in each other’s life. We see Sonam asking Dulquer if he is with her because she is lucky for the cricket team and to the same Dulquer questions her ‘You are with me for my post’, it gets messy but it’s still a complete entertainer.


The trailer will take each one of us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The trailer is really fun to watch as it has a lot of funny scenes packed in and of course the chemistry between Dulquer and Sonam. It has been cut really well and has a lot of everything like Drama, romance and unlimited comedy. The promo of ‘The Zoya Factor’ looks really intriguing as it is presented really well. People like a movie based on a trailer and when the trailer is good and loved; your movie is half sold out there.


The movie seems to have a lot of funny movements as well as some light moments packed in. The movie may it be about anything the genre plays a vital part in it. When the movie is packed with little bit of everything the audience are driven towards it more. It has comedy, drama and romance in it. Films that make you forget everything and laugh your heart out always has worked and hoping ‘The Zoya Factor’ to work too.


Superstition is filled everywhere in our society and to see it be showcased on big screen is going to be an absolutely hilarious ride. CinemaPrediction BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine