This director is known to make movies with a big heart and his track record of hits has finally given him the freedom to work with the biggest names in the industry. So earlier this year when he approached one of the biggest superstars of the industry for a movie and the same star agreed to be a part of his film, things were for obvious reasons looking up for the filmmaker. But as luck would have it, the superstar went and signed a few more films like superstars of his calibre and standing do and that put a spanner in the works for the filmmaker and his beloved project. When the filmmaker went asking for his dates there was a major scheduling conflict, one from which the actor and his team wouldn’t wiggle out. And hence the big superstar opted out of the filmmaker’s movie. Post that he approached another actor to play the lead who is not a big superstar but a good actor nonetheless and he agreed to be a part of the film now. We are certain that the filmmaker is a tad bit wiser from the whole experience BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine