This actor has been a part of the industry for some time and in the recent past he has seen super success as well. But everyone knows it takes less than no time for talent these days especially in the industry to let their success go straight to their head. Same seems to be the case with this actor as well. He was recently shooting an outdoor stint for an upcoming movie and when he found out that there was a day break he decided to go for a trip abroad. He promised the unit that he will be back in two days and will resume the shooting and in the day of his absence the unit told the actor that they will finish other scenes which don’t require him. All seemed hunky-dory. But the actor met some his close friends on this short trip and decided to extend the same for an entire week. The entire unit waited in an outdoor location for an entire week till the actor returned rejuvenated after his trip abroad while the unit did zero work back at the base. Now the maker should’ve in our opinion taken a stern stand on this but they let this pass. And that’s exactly how things we reckon will go further down from this time ahead for the actor and his other makers in the future. Sad, but then such is the life dearies! CinemaTrade BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine