THUGS OF HINDOSTAN for many is one of the biggest disappointments of the year at domestic and overseas market. But in one market things were always going to be better for an Aamir Khan film was the China market. This week THUGS OF HINDOSTAN opened in China to a shockingly low response. The opening of the movie is was lower than Akshay Kumar’s PADMAN which released a few weeks ago in China as well. But the numbers pouring in for THUGS OF HINDOSTAN are going to set a very tedious times for Aamir and his stardom in China. But the other bigger issue with a bad showing of THUGS in China is that the distributors there have given Yash Raj Films an MG of sorts which is unheard off especially from the China market to Indian movies and they are set to lose majorly as well. It will be interesting how things pan out eventually but one thing is for certain that THUGS OF HINDOSTAN might have recovered major cost for the majors but it is one of the most disliked movies of the year all across the globe for sure. The hit on the reputation is far too serious than the monetary gains.

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