Interview By: Ankita R. Kanabar

Tiger Shroff literally explodes on-screen, with his high-octane action and presence. And what you get off-screen is a complete contrast. He is soft-spoken, shy, and a man of few words. While he’s yet again set the bar high with ‘Baaghi 2’, we catch up with Shroff to speak about this film and creating a niche for himself in a quick chat!

You’re already quite a pro at martial arts, yet, you trained in Bangkok especially before this one. What was special this time around?
We trained in Bangkok for three-four weeks before the main chunk of the action schedule and learnt various art forms, combat forms. What’s special this time is that we’re using weapons. I’ve never fought with weapons before so that was a challenge for me. Another thing is, here’s man V/s nature, man V/s man, man V/s machine – I’m also trying to fight helicopters, which is something quite crazy. So, the action is definitely on a larger scale in this film.

Your look in the film is different and that’s also gained a lot of appreciation. Happy about it?
I’m very thankful. I was very nervous cutting my hair initially but very thankful that the look was appreciated unanimously.

When it comes to you and action, the expectations are high naturally. Does that make you feel good or does it add pressure?
It’s a great feeling that I’ve created an identity in people’s hearts and that I’m some sort of an action hero already, in four films. But I’m really hard on myself and I always push myself to levels I didn’t think I could and I think it’s a good thing if you want to evolve as an actor or evolve in something or the other.

What is it that you take back from ‘Baaghi 2’?
The fun times I had working with Ahmed sir and Disha.

How is ‘Student Of The Year’ shaping up and do you think it would be a nice change from these action films?
Definitely! We start shooting for it this week. It’s probably the most different role I’ve done so far. It presents me in a different light so I’m looking forward to being reborn in a way.

It’s not easy to create this benchmark or identity for yourself on your own merits, in an industry like this. How does it feel to come so far?
It’s a great feeling to create an identity for myself so early on in my career, although I still feel I have a long way to go.

What is it that inspires you every day to keep going?
My mother and father.

So far, as an actor, what has been the biggest challenge for you ever since you started out?
Changing myself with every film and performing things which I have never experienced in my personal life – that’s been the biggest challenge.

What do you want people to take back from ‘Baaghi 2’?
I want them to take back the emotion the film has been driven on and take back the high-octane action sequences which we have shot.

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