The first half of the year was truly a historic one for the industry. Every month up until June saw a 100 cr film and so many other hits besides those as well. Week in week out, people were buzzing to go to the movies and take in the content offered to them and there was a general positivity going around.

As good as the first six months were, the industry has sort of hit a slump come July. Yes we have had some good movies in this month with SOORMA doing well, being liked by the critics and getting decent numbers at the box office as well. Also with DHADAK, which to be frank has gotten in exceptional numbers considering that the leads in the film are both new comers and is a remake of a not so old Marathi film SAIRAT.

The audience needs to be continuously engaged well as they are constantly looking for ways to entertain themselves and have 100 other options they can look at and a lot of them costing nothing or at least next to nothing. The films need to be marketed well and should target the appropriate audience or else it is going to go be a waste. The best way to lure them back into the halls is through the posters and more importantly the teasers and the trailers. They need to be cut in such a way that they don’t give away much of the story while still intriguing the audience and leave them craving to know what happens.

Yes, these are the simpler things that everyone knows but in this age of the internet the taste of the audiences is constantly evolving and what they may have preferred to watch yesterday may not be the same they want to see today. They need constant change and something new to stimulate their minds. The right buzz needs to be created through the posters and the teasers. They literally need to be teased into coming to the theatres. While they do enjoy the music of the films, but it isn’t going to be the only reason that they’ll spend money, they’d rather hear the songs on YouTube. I think that is where we might have lagged a little in July even though we have had decent films in the month. It’s a very minor slump right now and the box office can still pick up from this month to where it was in June, specially with a few great releases lined up around Independence day and we can only hope we get a 100cr film in this month as well.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine