In this current day and age, marketing has become one of the most important tools to sell anything and people in the film industry have also started using that useful tool in order to sell the movies to the patrons. Marketing has now in fact become really important, especially to create that awareness among the movie goers. It’s what is going to get the audience to the theatres. 

But the problem with this now is that, everyone in the industry is using the same tricks and methods to promote their films. It’s high time that we find new and innovative ways to market our films. It’s a great time to be at the movies right now. Almost every film has really surprised everyone with what the box office is opening to and the total business done as well. So now people are getting used to the idea that this ‘X’ factor worked for this one film so they’ll adopt those techniques and then market their film in the same way; and hence everyone is doing the same thing over and over again. 

But one major thing that they’re forgetting is that those films that worked, they not only had a great marketing strategy but they also did have a great trailer which worked in their favour. What’s a better way to market one’s content than to tease a glimpse of what it has to offer?  This is one of the reasons why people are accepting and expecting newer stuff from Bollywood, we really need to reinvent the wheel as far as marketing promotions and all these things are concerned.

Back in the day, the only options to market the film was on a few shows on TV channels or do a few city tours or in the malls but now that’s not really going to guarantee you an opening anymore, not like all that stuff ever guarantees you anything in the first place. Not only you need to give the audiences something new in the films but now you need to give audiences something new in the marketing as well, so that it can cover up for a few mistakes or anything in the trailer as well. There were so many cases this year where the film has surprised the audiences and the trailers were also very substandard. But because of the substandard trailers, the audiences didn’t really go for those films. 

These films that have not opened, they went on to not open mainly because they were trying to imitate the things that the other films that worked did. All these marketing and PR and all these well connected people at all the studios really need to put their heads together and really reinvent the wheel on this.

Look at MANMARZIYAAN, how they actually market the film differently. They did the same beats, but they had they one thing where they released one song every day. Obviously not every film will have 10 songs in their soundtrack which they can exploit. But it is a new thing and it is a start in the right direction. 

Not singling out MANMARZIYAAN but now people need to think about what they want to do. Earlier we used to say that if you made a mistake while shooting, you could better it in edit. And even if it couldn’t be done in edit, if budgets were available, you could always go back and redo and add to the film again. Similarly, if you know they the trailer hasn’t worked good enough then you can go back and figure out a new plan and an idea to really push the film in the audience’s mind. I think what Hollywood does for the smallest film to the biggest film; they have a very clear idea, because they don’t have the means of using music as their promotional tools, they make crazy cut downs of the trailers. They have really innovative spots which they call and use that and they push that on specific social media sites. People need to start doing something like this.

We need to do more things like these and better market our films and better promote our films. I think this is the only thing we are lacking in helping a film actually becoming a success. If we can solidify the marketing aspect then it’s going it be a game changer for the industry and as collectives and as individuals we need to do things literally out of the box. 

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine