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In conversation with Tisca Chopra with regards for her recent Hotstar Special web series ‘Hostages’. She brings a spark to any project she works on. Here, we speak to her about digital platform emerging, reinventing oneself as an actor amidst much more…

To begin with, how did you to come onboard for ‘Hostages’? 
They had sent me a link of all the episodes and I thought I’ll watch one episode but then I sat and binged watched it. I couldn’t believe it was so good that I had to do it and I made sure that I did it. (Smiles)

How was it to be this character Dr Mira Anand? 
Mira Anand is one of the most amazing woman characters that I have come across. Strong, stubborn, badass, fierce, protective about her family and her sense of morality is so strong; she will not bend for anything.  She is totally inspirational, it’s a fictional character and it’s unbelievable what she does in the series.  Only a writer can imagine such a character; amazing conflict she’s been put in; to kill a chief minister who is a public servant and who seems to be an innocent person. What does the doctor do to save her family? Because all her life the doctor who has spent thinking she would heal people but here she has been asked to kill someone and that’s a terrible situation to be in.

What do you have to say about Sudhir Mishra? 
Sudhir is a coconut, hard on the outside but really soft person from inside. One of the warmest, nicest human you’ll ever meet.  He’s so loving to his actors, he gives you so much affection; love to you and the character. He creates such a wonderful atmosphere that the best emerges out of you. He doesn’t over direct you; he doesn’t give you minute directions, he just makes the atmosphere good.

How do you see the digital platform emerging?
I think digital platform is the future, and it’s here to stay. Digital is not something that is going anywhere, it is going strength to strength; it is very much the future. It is also going to push films to do better because the kind of content that is coming out on digital now, is giving people a choice so they rather stay at home and binge watch something rather than step out and watch a film unless it’s worth the cinematic experience.  Only if it’s that kind of compelling story that you can tell in one or two and a half hours.

People believe in a project when your name is attached to it, what do you have to say about that and how does that make you feel?
I am not somebody who takes pressure of this kind, I am actually happy. There is a possibility of me liking something but people may not like it, and we do certain films that people won’t like it. But I do it because I like it, and I am very grateful that there are a lot of people who like the kind of work I do.  It’s taken me a while and now that I am here and people are recognizing me for that, I hope this fan following and this base grows because I love them. I am not a very social person, I’m quite an introvert. I like to stay to myself and not party and meeting people. I don’t have time for all that; I have a six and a half year old daughter. Half the time my husband’s not there, he is a pilot, he’s away on flights so I am a single parent for 15 days a month. Plus I am writing, producing, acting so there’s whole  lot there and I have a few close friends who I hang out with. So, here’s the point that – I engage with people via my work, I like telling stories.  So ‘Chutney’ the short film, I wrote, produced and acted in it. So the conversations that happen out of that – I like that conversation, I like talking to people about the work, my connection with people is via my work and I love it that the tribe is growing.

As an actor you keep reinventing yourself with every project, how does that process work for you and also have there been times when it got tough?
It’s my joy; I am not a one note performer. I don’t like to do one thing and keep on doing it rest of my life. I like doing different thing because I am easily bored. So, for me doing various things is always interesting and always pushing the character and pushing things is what interest me.  So if you make a Maya Awasthi from ‘Taare Zameen Par’ stand next to the character ‘Rahasya’ to doctor Mira Anand to Vanita from ‘Chutney’ when you make them all stand they all look like a different women and I love that.

Have you ever thought of life beyond cinema?
I would be an architect, I like spaces and I like the idea of spaces and I constantly look at spaces.

What is next for you in the pipeline?
I am doing my first Dharma film called ‘Good News’ that’s at the end of the year. And I just finished writing a script of a feature film (thriller) that I’ll be going to direct end of the year. Trade Magazine



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