Couple of weeks back in this very column I spoke about the jinx of the first quarter is going to be broken this year for the very first time since our movies started to venture into the 100 crore club. I put my money on last week’s major release BADRINATH KI DULHANIA which I personally felt had it in it to be one of the major money spinners this year.

The movie had a lot going against it. No film had in the past decade had got to the 100 crore mark in the month of March, period. March the month of the first major festival of the year; Holi which is celebrated pan India is not really a good time to release a movie. Smaller to medium size movies are what generally release in this month barring RACE (2008).

But all the myths were busted last week when the sensational BKD took over the nation like a rage. The movie had a sensational weekend total and then on the holiday of Holi went to do a number which was higher than the number it mustered up on the Friday. The movie is now poised to a number much higher than the 100 crores thus making the 2017 first quarter already a major success with two weeks to spare.

In January this year we already had a 100 crore movie i.e. the Shah Rukh Khan starrer RAEES and then last month we had Akshay Kumar’s JOLLY LLB 2 which went to do a business of over 100 crores as well. BKD is now going to achieve the 100 crore feat and also in line to be the one of the biggest hits of the year.

This should only give immense confidence to producers for the next year. Generally makers shy away from releasing movies during the first three months because in the past none of the movies have actually done anything major. Then the makers cramp up the calendar by releasing multiple movies in a single week in the second and the third quarter. Because the fourth quarter is generally reserved for bigger movies anyways. 

The makers also can see that releasing a movie during a major festival like Holi can be beneficial as well. But in the past many have tried and not really capitalised on it, maybe they didn’t have the correct movie. Maybe they didn’t have the correct star cast. But that shouldn’t really deter the makers from sidelining an entire major festival such as Holi.

The way this year has began it has given a lot of hope to the folks in the industry and hopefully it can be a great start to a fantastic year… Trade Magazine