This actor has been going through some tough times in his career. His last movie was a complete washout and things became so difficult for him that no maker was willing to come ahead and sign him on. However his onetime mentor showed interest and started to work with him on one of his upcoming movies. Months were spent in getting the right script and when the time came for casting the actor has a million suggestions. The filmmaker ignored some of the actor’s initial suggestions thinking he was just too involved in the project and was making his point from a nonthreatening position. However when these unneeded ‘suggestions’ started piling up the filmmaker had an intervention of sorts with the actor but that too felt on deaf ears. Finally the actor’s unrealistic approach made the filmmaker very apprehensive and as a result the latest is that the filmmaker has decided to scrap the entire movie. We hope that the actor mends his ways in the future because nothing hurts more than a wasted talent. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine