Taking a leaf from the above point, we come on this other story. This filmmaker was flying high after landing a big movie with this actor. Everything was hunky-dory and they announced a bunch of other movies as well. The new announcements came before they got through filming their first one together. Now that the first movie is out and it has tanked miserably, the maker and the actor don’t really see eye to eye. The actor feels that he was not used to his fullest potential in the movie which recently released and hence has decided against working with the filmmaker any more. The trouble is that the maker had already begun filming with the actor for their next movie together and now that movie stands shelved. The maker had also announced a third movie which is not going to happen at all now it seems. The maker is in thick soup now and it will be interesting to see how he gets out of this one. One thing is a fact however that the actor won’t be by his side whenever it does go down. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine