This movie when announced quickly became one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. But sadly the things happening in and around the film are building up a picture of trouble from all quarters of the film. First, two major stars who had agreed to be a part of the movie chose to walk out of the film just weeks prior to the movie mounting the sets. The filmmaker still rallied his troops together and got other actors to fill the shoes. Then, when the movie mounted the sets one of the main leads in the movie after shooting for a few days on the film walked out citing creative differences with the filmmaker. If that wasn’t enough now our highly placed sources are telling us that the leading lady of the film has also walked out the film due to some major differences with the filmmaker as well. With the shooting stalled, the trouble is surely mounting up for the filmmaker and his backers. If things don’t turn around soon enough the film might be heading for the shelf. Watch this space for more on this. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine