Arjun (Barun Sobti) is a charmer who has chucked the fast track corporate maze to explore other ways, and whose chance encounter with a shaky old man (Subramanyam) and his attractive daughter Kavi (Goswami) gets this thing rolling.Arjun and his pals, all of whom come from different backgrounds, as their names clearly suggest Dominic, Rashid, Jayesh, Mehernosh—look forward to this Sunday ritual, as a way of de-stressing, letting their hair down, and just, you know, hanging.The strength of the film is in its writing, intensely rooted and real. The characters have messy back-stories and relationships, which gives them depth: Dominic’s (Malhotra) harried mother has to deal with two permanently squabbling sons; Rashid (Tiwary) is a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em type who chances upon a potentially life-altering bright-eyed young woman (Duggal); Jayesh (Udadhyay) lives with his large, noisy Gujarati joint family; and Mehernosh (Bhalla) is a put-upon, increasingly-frustrated office drone till one day something snaps.The detailing is spot on. Only in a few places does it feel a tad underlined, but on the whole, it is thoroughly good-natured. The ensemble cast plays well together, especially in the falling-in-like-and-something-more segments between Arjun and Kavi . Shahana Goswami is an excellent performer. ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ is a feel-good, light-hearted yarn.

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